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2016 is the year of health. Everyone is at it as it seems. There is a new product going up on the shelves daily. Organic this, free-from that… But what really works for us?

I am forever trying out new health products and I am a sucker for anything that promises a healthy fix or any goods that promote my fitness wellbeing. Certain things have stuck around and have become apart of my regime, others not so much… But when I do find a little gem, I like to boast about it.

I was given Tree Vitalise about a month ago, and I am still drinking it.



The organic birch water, Tree Vitalise comes from the Carpathian mountains based in eastern Europe. The forestry is known for its ecologically clean grounds with its beautiful scenery, which is also known as the ‘Green Pearl’ and this is why the taste is so unique.

Over the winter, the tree birch stores the water and its nutrients, so that when spring comes, the living water awakens the tree from its winter sleep to start it’s new life. Tree Vitalise then ‘tap’ the tree so that they can collect the birch water for us to enjoy. Without harming the tree at all, they take only so much of its delicious sap, which means the growing tree can carry on their beautiful, thriving life throughout spring.



FullSizeRender copy 2The natural ingredients are meant to promote wellbeing, keeping the immune system in check and can even help with weight loss. They gently pasteurise the birch water to keep the sap at it’s best, producing a delicate, gentle taste that will also help hydrate and nourish the body. Who said drinking water was boring, hey?

Tree Vitalise organic birch water is naturally sweet, so what you taste is the number one main ingredient involved; tree birch sap water, but if thats a little too plain for your liking, they also have two other flavours.

Original, being the big daddy of the three, and his two flavour sidekicks, Mint and Lemon. These fresh tastes are here to cover your day, as the flavouring is all natural, using only organic mint leaves or lemon rind when infusing the harvested birch water. This ‘flavoured’ water has just two ingredients. That is ALL.


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Very refreshing, very pure and very healthy. It is only 10KCAL per bottle, (if that is what you take into consideration) so it is a great beverage for all. It is full of naturally occurring sugars, which means no nasties are involved! A sustainable product of wild harvesting. Hydrating yourself with a range of nutrients, and Tree Vitalise do state that it has as much magnesium as a bowl of kale! Wow.

A delicate, silky taste that nourishes the whole body. What is not to like? Go on, give it a try.


Want a little more information? Want to know where you can purchase this beaut for yourself? Check out their website HERE.


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