In The Beginning

Here is the first post I published on the 1st of January, 2015. (Cringe!) This is the start of A Crazy Contradiction/Lipstick & Trainers, so if you’re interested in my blog’s beginning, carry on reading.


So. It’s New Years Day. It is raining outside. I am feeling rough and full of cheesy pizza.

People make their NY resolutions, to lose weight, stop smoking, to be more giving to charity etc etc… Whether or not you stick to it…. We all want the best for ourselves and today is where is should all start.

So the names Emma Joy. My New Years Resolution was to first off, create this blog.

I am 25, work in a bar – which means I am a professional alcoholic. I love, love, love wine. I like to go out eat nice foods, drink nice drinks. I am a big fan of carbs ✌️ (Especially pizza). Going out is my most favourite thing ever. I get dressed up. (Real into fashion and all that girl crap) Try out new places. Taste new things and brag about it all after a few vinos.

On the flip side, I enjoy a healthy life (avocados are my new best friend) I run regularly and take part in many races (mainly half marathons) and collect monies for the charity Macmillan Cancer. I like to do what’s right for the world and all that blah.

I started running over two years ago when I applied for the Great North Run and thought… I better start training eh?! But I did get into it.
Running is my vice. It keeps me sane in this wild place.

Extreme differences I know. Falling into a door drunk, kebab in hand then restarting my week eating seeds, after a 9 mile run.
But I have lots of fun and great memories. I have plans to create more for 2015, so here I am. Starting my new year with a bang. Care to join?

Welcome to My Crazy Contradiction.

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