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NBAs17 – Why You Should Attend The Northern Blog Awards 2018


This year has gone SUPER fast… Looking back at all the photos and memories brings such a huge-ass smile to my face. There were a ton of events that made this last year one of the best years of my life… But there is one in particular that sticks out amongst the others. It was this time last year, that I had attended the Northern Bog Awards, as I was shortlisted for the Health and Fitness category, and it was such an incredible evening.

When I first heard that I was shortlisted for the #NBAs17 I was in complete shock. I had just made some BIG changes and it gave me the boost that I needed in my some-what vulnerable state. Now, it was time to relax, treat myself and party my little socks off!



Arriving at The Principal in Manchester, I was reeling with excitement. It was a fairly new establishment at the time and it was absolutely stunning; inside and out. WeBlogNorth (who were the creators behind this perfect first-time award ceremony) had recreated the big red carpet, for all bloggers, near and far!

As we walked into the VIP room, champagne was being handed out to us as we got to greet one another. Looking around the lavish room, you could see that everyone had dressed to impress. I was glad that I had chosen my little velvet number, but I was most definitely eyeing up some of the fantastic ball gowns and prom-style dresses in the room. THIS was a chance to go ALL OUT when it came to your choice in fashion.


Walking through to the main room, plenty of mouths dropped at the decor and room set up… It was almost like going to a wedding, without the, ya know, bride and groom getting married bit! The brands sponsoring the event had set up their stalls around the dining area, so we could mingle and take a look at their products.




After the guests had arrived, we then sat down for our three course dinner and a couple of beverages, whilst we waited for the unveiling of the nominations. Once food and chat had settled down, the NBA host started to announce the winners of each category…


When the Health and Fitness category came up, I started to feel nervous. I had been pretty calm up until now, knowing that there could be a small chance that I would win this award. I was amongst five other great nominees, who I followed or (luckily) even knew in person. I had in mind who I thought would win; who would it be?

I held up my phone to record the winner on stage… but when they then announced my (blog) name, I was in utter disbelief that I almost dropped my phone! I hadn’t even prepared a speech and nervously threw out a few words in my thanks, but I was extremely grateful for all those that voted for me and my blog, – Lipstick & Trainers. I was STOKED.

Walking away with a bottle of champagne, I was on top of the world. This moment will be one to remember forever.



The rest of the evening was all about catching up with friends and dancing our little hearts out to the live music that had now been set up. Bloggers were taking pictures left right and centre, seeing as we had a bed to get into (thanks to Christy Home!) We also had a slick photo booth with Key 103 which was busy from the get go, with wigs and emoji cut-outs to play with. The party was now in full swing!



So, the Northern Blog Awards 2018 is in one weeks time. I truly wish I could attend again, however, I have to assist my sister at a wedding show for her recent engagement (because of my sister duties and what not!) I would highly recommend this event to anyone; whether you’re shortlisted or not! It’s a chance to dress up, be super fancy and to make many new friends (including the networking types too!)


Last chance to pick up those tickets, ladies and gentleman. I am gutted to be missing out on the #NBAs this year, as I personally believe it to be one of the best blogger events that I have (ever) been to; but I will be returning to one of their events in the near future, for sure!




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