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Post Women’s Running Carbs at Al-Bacio MCR



The Women’s Running Race Series is coming to an end and it has seen THOUSANDS of runners take part for their own personal fitness journey.

The last few races are due, and I will be showing my face at the London event on October 8th at Finsbury Park. So get yourself involved and use my discount code (WRLIPT1715) to enter the one mile/5K/10K run next month.


Being the ambassador for the Manchester’s run on the 10th of September was an INCREDIBLE experience. Getting to meet many like-minded women, plus seeing some old-time friends, made the long trip worth while. The icing on the cake however, was being able to host the warm up for all of those that ran on the day. As a personal trainer, I jumped at the chance in helping out where I could for one of my favourite running magazines on Race Series day.




Prior to limbering up for the race, I was interviewed on how Lipstick & Trainers came about. For those of you that have followed my journey along the way, you will know of my story… But it was great to reminisce the progress of my branding, right up until this very date. So I am personally forever grateful that you all have helped my blog baby to grow!


The whole day was a great one, and seeing the ladies from The Christie Charity gave me the biggest smile ever BUT seeing my friend, Dani, run her first EVER 10K was just something else.

Looking back to my first race, I was a bag of nerves; but I was also very excited, and I could see this in many of the newbie runners faces – including my lovely friend. This day was to be enjoyed! Whether a seasoned runner, or whether you are stepping into the world of the unknown, Women’s Running made sure the runners felt super comfortable on race day.



It is always an amazing feeling to see people grow and achieve their very own challenges right before your eyes. It made my day for sure. Plus, we all got to go out and celebrate by eating lots of carbs at the lovely Al Bacio Manchester!



Hidden on the back of King Street, this little Italian restaurant had a wide array of choices on their menu, from authentic roast dinners to original home cooked Italian dishes. There is something for everyone! We decided to try out the two-course meal Sunday offer, which had us all too full to even try the third course. Such a shame really, as I love a good Italian pudding.


This place is well worth the visit, the atmosphere is absolutely perfect as they play authentic Italian music in the background, whilst the warm, red decor takes you in. It felt homely with a colourful, modern twist. Overall, a great experience and we enjoyed all the DELICIOUS foods, however; next time, I will make sure I leave room for dessert! I will be back again shortly Al Bacio 🙂


Check out their website (the highlighted links) for more information on bookings and for the full menu!



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