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Vapiano #WorldPastaDay MCR


If you didn’t know, it was #WorldPastaDay last Wednesday, so if you needed an excuse to eat all the carbs then this was definitely one of them!

I have made it a point to visit Vapiano before (and after) my big runs because it’s inexpensive, simple and most importantly, made just for YOU.


The menu again, is pretty straight forward with plenty of classics, but the beauty of Vapiano’s is that it is freshly made in front of you and designed just the way you want it.


Don’t like too much spice? Tone down the chilli; fancying extras like pine nuts and cheese? Go right ahead. This restaurant isn’t the place that turns their nose up at you when you don’t like an item on the dish advertised on their menu. If anything, they encourage it!



We had chosen the Vapiano is the Corn Exchange in Manchester for our fuel spot. One I had been to many a time. It’s not too far from the centre, or from the Northern Quarter (if you’re into your trendy bars and fancy drinks) and is easy to find. With a huge amount of space and an upstairs, you can see how it can get so packed at dinner time!


I decided to go for the Cognac dish. Not something I wouldn’t usually go for but I fancied a creamy, fully loaded pasta meal. Check out the highlighted link for the menu! I asked for some sun-dried tomatoes to go with it, which totally mixed things up. Salty and sweet, a runners dream!


I had brought my fellow blogger friend, Sprint Kitchen who also got struck right in with the feast and was keen to try new things. We chose the Strawberry Spinach Salad, as it sounded a bit mad, and today was the day to go wild. Sweet strawberries mixed with the creamy goats cheese (just wow) & it was covered in pine nuts. It was a very particular salad; not one for the faint hearted, but I must say, that I really enjoyed it!



Overall, the experience at Vapiano Manchester, was a great one; as always. If you haven’t been, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

I regularly go to the London branches for a tasty, affordable Italian speciality as I currently live in the south. However, Manchester; I’ll coming back for you some time soon!



Wanting to visit a Vapiano? Visit their website on the branches nearby! Currently making openings across the U.K! Make sure you don’t miss out on next years #WorldPastaDay!


Interested in what the #EatPastaRunFaster project was all about? Read my post here!






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