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Do you ‘do your bit’ to help out the planet?


Nowadays, it is difficult to live in a fully, environmentally-friendly way. We are so used to the likes of travelling, buying plastic and purchasing single-use items; you really have to be careful and do your research!

I try my best to help out where I can, but it is hard to break out of the cycle when many of us will not contribute, including the BIG branded companies.


Although I say this, there have been some MAJOR changes recently; with many jumping on the bandwagon to do what they can to improve our Earth and its life. Personally, I have made a conscious effort to choose environmentally-friendly products and utilise re-useable items to decrease the amount of waste that I make.


Below are some basic ideas (or a good place to start) on how to be friendlier with your purchasing or wastage.



  • Coffee/tea cup.

These bad boys are EVERYWHERE nowadays! Even by visiting your nearest Starbucks you will find a whole shelf of take-away coffee cups… which is where I found mine from. I have had this re-usable cup, say, three years now? I don’t use it daily BUT I have used it much more recently. Some coffee houses have discounted prices on beverages when you bring in your own cup (to refill). Now if that isn’t an incentive, I don’t know what is!




  • Water bottle.

Again, this item is becoming a bit of a trend at the moment, which is absolutely great. My work place is quite a distance away, so I liked to be prepared for my journey. They look snazzy AF and you can get a range of size and colours. This bottle from Sweaty Betty is my favourite at the moment (oh and I do have a few!) which keeps your water cool when you’re out and about. This will help reduce the plastic waste of regular water bottles that are bought in the shop. We have all had to stop in and pick one up on route before, so having one to hand will save you some money too!




  • Clothing.

Now this is a tricky one… You need to do your research on this as it’s only been as of recent that more and more brands are doing their bit when it comes to being environmentally friendly with their materials!

Adidas have released trainers and swimwear that are used from plastic found in the ocean (take a look at the Adidas X Parley collaboration online; it’s AMAZING!) I trialled the shoe a few months back and it is great for running on track, so runners, if you’re needing a new shoe, definitely consider this brand!

So you have the shoe, which means you need the socks, right? I have recently been introduced to the guys at Rockay and I am very interested in their ethos. By the end of next year, their socks will partly be made with recycled ocean plastic, the goal is to use 100% recycled materials in the future. The products are made by runners, for runners – YEY! Comfy fit, premium materials and they vary in colour. I will be wearing these for my next running event, for sure.




  • Beauty products.

First things first, how much shampoo, conditioner and body wash do we go through on a monthly basis? I for one have gone through a TON of beauty products in the past, without even thinking about the packaging and that it contributes to our waste. I have a bit of sorting to do (this is the one I struggle with most) and I still have many products that I need to use up… but I’ll get there eventually!

I know that LUSH sell bars of soap, face masks and even shampoo that are not packaged in plastic or other non-recyclable products. No nasty chemicals too! They sell make up products, beauty gifts – THE LOT! So if you’re intrigued at how you can be a beauty goddess with planet savvy products, then pop your head into LUSH.



  • Food.

First things first, get yourself a cool lunchbox/tupperware set. This is the most obvious way to stop buying unnecessary plastic. A bonus thought is that it is much healthier to create your own lunches at home, as you know exactly what is going into your food.

A couple of months back, I went to a vegan festival and met up with the huns behind Bright Zine | Ethical Lifestyle magazine. They were selling an ‘ethical’ toolkit which features your everyday cutlery (and more) inside. You can find this on their website.




How do you contribute? What are you looking to improve on? I know I have A LOT more to do, but these things take time, so as long as we are aware and make the changes slowly, then we are only doing our BEST!


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