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Diet.What does that word mean to you?


In nutritiondiet is the sum of food consumed by a person or other organism.[1] The word diet often implies the use of specific intake of nutrition for health or weight-management reasons (with the two often being related).



Our cultures/religions and life choices make a huge impact on what we eat. Us humans have practiced a variety of dietary habits; whether it be for health, the environment or for our training. Nowadays, there are SO many food choices that I’ve lost count! When researching, I saw a few wild ‘diets’ that people have now made a lifestyle, but the same goes for everything; we are all different, with very different needs and VERY different living arrangements that contribute to the amount we eat (including the things that we eat too!)


I have personally trialled out MANY a diet in my youth and have continued to trial different ways of eating to see what works for me during adulthood. A few things haven’t worked and other things have, which have now been incorporated into my every day life. I highly recommend being very open about your food, so you can figure out what your body likes too. There is no other way of knowing unless you become ‘adventurous’ with your intake. Try it and test it! 




Last year I chose to do #Veganuary and it totally changed my perspective on my eating habits. At first, I realised the challenges of eating out as a Vegan; plus EVERYTHING seemed to have dairy or animal bi-product in it. I also found out a lot about the dairy/farming industry which really opened my eyes to things that I had chosen to ignore previously. It made me aware of the impact that one person could make, by changing their food choices, on the environment. I continued this lifestyle for quite some time, and felt much better for the choices I had made.


However, after a few months, I had started to pick up some ‘unhealthy habits’ which included skipping meals if I were out as there were no vegan options. Or I would end up missing out food group priorities post-race because I only had snacks to keep me going until my next meal. It got to the point where I realised that I would feel more guilty about eating non-vegan foods than actually fuelling myself properly. This now was more of a problem.


Now, I hear y’all saying ‘be more prepared’ or pack extra snacks and food, but this can’t always be the case! As someone who works in freelance, I am not in one place all the time (trust me, I have different backpacks FULL of snacks) but I have been caught out on numerous of occasions.

This is when I had decided that being a little more flexi would work for me.



Speaking to many others who had been in a similar position to me, reassured me that what I do day-to-day will help out regardless. I do my bit for the planet and even if I may not be perfect with it… WHO THE HECK IS?!


This world constantly needs labels, but me, personally; I am not bothered about what you eat. If you have preferences/life choices then you go ahead and do your thanggg. If we are all aware of the changes that are happening and we try to be kind to our bodies by fuelling properly (80% of the time/birthdays don’t count) then you’re doing a bloody fab job of it. Things change, people change and the world is changing – RAPIDLY.


Keep that awareness and enjoy looking after your body; No matter your diet/lifestyle. Food is to be enjoyed and used as a fuel. Start off with those small changes, learn a little more about the food you’re in-taking and be happy with the choices that you make.




What do you ‘label’ yourself as? Do you take the flexi approach too? Would love to hear your opinions on your fuelling and nutrition!


DISCLAIMER – I am not a nutritionist/dietician or a professional on the diet culture. I have an advanced nutrition CPD which gives me a basic knowledge on health and wellbeing. These thoughts are my own and written for discussion, not as medical advice. Please speak to a professional if you are worried about your health/nutrition. 

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