A Little About Me


wolf run photo

The Wolf Run: Winter Series 2018



This is the project of an adrenaline junkie.



My first love in life is running. Since my first half marathon back in 2013, I have been HOOKED.


Having completed my first marathon back in April 2016, I am on the journey to run many marathons all over the world.


I am currently in training for my ninth marathon to date and I am three stars in to collecting my six star medal. The Abbott World Marathons are currently on my to-do list and I am very excited for what my future holds! ★★★


Healthy eating comes hand in hand with my training. Although pizza is my main fuel source (sorry, not sorry!) I predominately enjoy a healthy lifestyle and thrive off what it does for my body. Bear in mind, that healthy eating is relative!


Blogging is my second love. I throw my feelings into all of my posts for the world to see. All thoughts are my own, as I trial and test out everything and anything that will promote my fitness, health and wellbeing.


Keeping fit and looking good whilst doing it, is all part of the fun. Fashion is my passion (including co-ordinating my outfits for BIG races) and although I spend a lot of time in my trainers, I make sure that I look good inside and outside of my fitness regime.


Lipstick is a must. Whether it be on a night on the town, or whilst running a 13 mile race… This girl gotta look good!






I am a L3 personal trainer and England Athletics LIRF coach by trade. I work online and freelance in and around London. Running therapy is a project that I am proud to be working on with my clients. Mental and physical health are very much connected and is incredibly important for every day life.

If you are interested in knowing more, please take a look HERE for more information.



Fashion. Fitness. Freedom.