Getting The Right Running Trainers.

Two weeks ago I had reached a goal within my marathon training. 51 miles for the week. It is far from what I was running over a year ago and I was so proud, but then I had started to feel a few niggles in my left foot. I did not know whether this was an issue because of the increase in mileage, or because I had overtrained myself into injury. After some thinking, I then had some grave thoughts about the trainers I had been using for the last two months. I would normally buy trainers from my local running store, as they have always been helpful with my running journey. However, after strolling through the Trafford Centre with Christmas cash on me, I swayed myself over to another sports shop to find a bargain.

I was in need of a new pair and hoped to find a set of treasures that would take me through my training up until the big day. I decided to speak to a gentleman in said store to get the best advice for my situation. He was very adamant on the new Nike free trainers… They are stunning and would look great in the gym, but they did not look stable enough for such training. I took on his advice, regardless of my thoughts, even as a female staff member in the store had stepped in to say she believed this information would be wrong for such mileage. He ushered her away and sold me some, very beautiful, but unknowingly, unsuitable pair of trainers.

I have purposely not mentioned any names, as I am not here to slate the specific store. I just want you all to be aware of misleading information that could be given in the larger sports shop chains, as I was told (after my complaint) that the staff were not sports specialists, so buying any item from them would be under my own responsibility.

When I did get my foot looked at, I was on my way to getting an injury that would of took weeks off my training. With very little time until my marathon, I was in a state of shock, as running had become a huge part of my life and the thought of pulling out would have been such a devastating event.

I was lucky. I caught it in just the nick of time and rested for a short while in which, I say, was also ‘luckily’ in the same week that I had fallen ill, so not much time was taken out of my training plan. I went back to the store that I usually go to for my running gear and quickly bought another pair, that were specifically made for long distance running.

I stayed in my favourite running store for an hour or so, discussing my training plan to a member of staff (who seemed to know his sh*t) and to then trial out both old and new trainers on the in-store treadmill. Your running is recorded and then shown back to you. Straight away, I could see a huge difference in the support from each pair.

When I first started my running journey, I was told that it did not matter of the cost of trainers, and I still agree. The new pair of trainers cost me ยฃ25 less than the old pair… Yet these were the real deal! I was much more careful in buying this time around.

Always be careful when listening to advice. It could cost you, and not even in the sense of money. I nearly lost a dream, but I am back on track and training really hard. I am completley in love with my new pair of trainers, in which have since taken me on my very first 20 mile run only just days ago. That there is my silver lining.



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    Mike james
    August 4, 2016 at 9:49 am

    Every new runner gets conned into buying shiny new trainers. In store there bound to feel soft, your standing on carpet. Gait analysis is critic to buying new trainers, I ran in the wrong shoes for years before I discovered my running style. Went to a store in Cardiff that set Me right. Don’t worry about over zealous sales people, there just doing there job, it’s nothing personal .

    Good luck with your training


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