Diet and exercise apps are the in thing. Seeing as January is the month to start your new fitness/healthy eating regime after making all them crazy New Years resolutions… Are we still keeping it up in Feburary? I know I have slipped up a few times. Especially as there is ALWAYS a new cake I HAVE to try at work (I say ‘have to’ very lightly…)

I have kept up with my running, but I believe sometimes I haven’t fuelled myself with the right foods. So I looked on my App Store for food logging apps that sync with training.

I get bored easily of counting calories and writing down what I eat so when I came across ‘CARROT’ I could see how easy it would be to keep up with it.

For the people who haven’t heard of CARROT, it is a fun and easy to use app that adds up your calories for each day by showing your ‘avatar’ on a platform which rises when each food item has been logged.

Sounds boring, huh? Well what I found interesting about the app is that it talks to you. It also tries to annoy you with comments if you under or over eat. Sounds dangerous, but it has to be taken lightly!

If I haven’t recorded anything within the best part of the day, I will have CARROT telling me off for not eating enough, which isn’t always the case, we are just busy peeps.ย The app constantly calls you ‘meat bag’ when it alerts you of this, which I find hilarious!!

On the other side of things, if I have indulged a little too much (which believe me, I have done quite a few times!) it will ask me if I have eaten enough for the day as the calorie intake is quite high. One time I told CARROT I had finished for the day, but then I saw a banner ad at the bottom of my screen… Without even thinking I clicked on it because it happened to say ‘Free Cookies!’ (Who wouldn’t want FREE cookies?) Big mistake though. It was a trick from the app! So I, ‘meatbag’, got a telling off…

If you do slip up, CARROT gives you the option of accepting the consequences (by letting ads take over your app for a short while) or to let it publicly shame you on Twitter. Now if that’s not an incentive to not eat the cookies then what is?!

You can also record the physical activity you do within your day to help keep you in CARROTs good books. You get medals for keeping up the streak, logging in day after day.

There are also other fun things to do like poking your avatar (but don’t do this too much… I hear it is not a good thing!) Also have a mooch around the app. There are many funny statements CARROT will inform you of…

To conclude, CARROT is a fun ‘diet’ app without it being stressful and boring. It is full of laughs yet if you want to keep record of how many calories you do intake, then it keeps it all logged for you on your own database!
Great for motivation even with the little bit of guilt tripping (which is perfect for me as I need a bit of tough love.)

I think it is a brilliant app for 2015. Check it out along with some of their other stuff, including a shouty alarm clock!
Trust me, it is worth a try!

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