A ‘Runner’s Reward’


After collecting a few niggles here and there through out training, I told myself that it would be wise to take some more time out and look after the machine that keeps me running.

I am far more active now than I have ever been, so recently, self-care has become much more of a priority of mine. Plus it’s great to have a little pampering once in a while too; who doesn’t like to indulge in the finer things in life?



I was told of the Runner’s Reward package with Millimetre salon’s that would soon be released for marathon runners in the spring, when there would be race day a plenty. After months of hard-core training, this would be the perfect treat for long distance runners alike and their tired bodies.


This would include: A 30 minute massage, a spa pedicure, hair treatment and blow dry.




The Millimetre salon I visited was based in Notting Hill Gate, however they have many salons across London (W & N). This warm and friendly place had me at ease, attending to my needs as soon as I walked through the door. I was told of the treatments that were involved within the ‘Runners Reward‘ package and they then explained how my afternoon would pan out. Oh how very exciting!


I had a sports massage booked in for a few weeks time, but had wanted to keep massages regular through-out my training, so this opportunity had come at the best of time. Not to mention that I was now taking precautions with my feet, since losing my big toe nail after my last marathon… *cringe*


I went into the lower part of the salon for my leg massage, which was secluded off from the main area of the salon which gave off a very relaxed feel. It was away from all the hustle and bustle upstairs, so I could really enjoy some down time without any distractions. It was pure BLISS.




Nowadays, it is far and few between when I get a moment’s peace. I love being busy and active, but sometimes, it is great to treat my aching body and busy mind with moments like these. I know a few others would really benefit from this too.


My masseuse worked specifically on my legs and feet, which is most definitely what I needed after long run day (a few days previous). There was a cleansing fragrance within the air and the dark room had warm, glowing candles dotted about which helped me to switch off.


After 30 minutes, I was then taken upstairs to have my pedicure. It had been a while since I had my feet seen to and was ashamed to show off my war wounds (black toenails/NO toenails – You get my drift fellow marathon runners…) but she got stuck right in. Gladly!




The lady did give me a little ‘telling off’ in jest, as it had been too long since my last treatment… I TOTALLY agree, I should be having them looked at more often, especially after my races. We laughed at how I had left them this way since Amsterdam marathon; even I was shocked that it had been that long! I had pushed it aside for ages, but now I understand why it’s so important to look after my tootsies. Poor little mites.


My feet were in heaven, as they got the full works, and now it was time to choose the colour for my nails (which was obviously lilac). I would finally have ‘normal’ looking feet, once again! My paws were well and truly pampered, and was fully deserved, if I must say so myself!




Next up would be my transforming hair treatment and blow dry. Again, it may seem like I keep on top of my beauty regimes, but when marathon training kicks in, all my lady self-care seems to get thrown out of the window. My purple locks needed a little TLC, and Millimetre were willing to take on the challenge.

The product used on my hair; ‘reconstructive elixir keratin protection & nourishment’ oil, as explained, would be a long-lasting procedure that would be applied to washed hair. It was quick and easy to do and would be finished up with a blow dry, which would leave a smooth, healthy feel to my coloured hair. The oil had deep nourishing components to tackle damaged hair to leave it feeling healthy, shiny and refreshed.


They have a fabulous product range for all types of hair that will leave you feeling brand new! So whether you’re just maintaining your mane or having a colour and cut, it is wise to see what else they have on offer for your hair.




Everyone at the salon was super friendly, comforting and helpful. I felt like a little princess and will be returning to keep up with my treatments. Millimetre’s competitive pricing (especially for the area) means that you will get your money’s worth and more.


Prices vary per treatment, however, if you decide to indulge within the ‘Runner’s Reward‘ package this April, you will get it all for just £75 in Millimetre – Notting Hill Gate and Harrow salons. I will most definitely be shouting out about this within the next month or so!


Keep an eye out for their promotions on their website and social media via the highlighted links above.


You can not miss out on this fabulous ‘Runner’s Reward‘ package.








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