My little Aloe Vera plant

Like most women… I have a million moisterisers, body lotions and skin products. My bathroom is full of the stuff.  Building up after birthdays and Christmases, I feel like it is never ending! I have creams for all kinds of uses.

For the last couple of days, the skin around my neck has been so sore and itchy for no apparent reason. Well, for no known reason. I have used a few of my creams to see if this would alleviate my skin’s soreness… but with no luck.

However, yesterday I bought an Aloe Vera plant leaf. Not something I had planned on getting when I first entered the store but, ya know. When I saw the plant in the health store, I decided to ask the lady behind the counter to tell me more about this wonderful creation.

Aloe Vera is part of the succulant plant family, coming from the Latin word sucus, meaning juice or sap. The plant is used for many things, mainly dietary, cosmetically and herbal. You will have most likely heard of the plant for it’s use to sunburns as it has cooling and soothing properties. Regardless of it’s high demand, there is no real scientific proof that it does in fact work.

So here we are. Sat in my room with my little Aloe Vera leaf. Wondering if there really are any benefits from such a plant?

I had to crack off the plant into smaller parts so it was easier to squeeze the sap onto my skin. The plant is almost cacti like with its sharp teethy spikes, so be careful if you do decide to try this out also. It feels cold and sticky to touch, but sets very quickly and I can’t even feel it almost immediately.

I am not sure if I feel any difference after the first attempt but I will be keeping up with the process until I have finished with my plant leaf. I have been told to keep it in the fridge and use within 2/3 weeks. So there will be an update on whether I believe Aloe Vera is useful in aid of my skin condition. Fingers crossed!

Maybe check out your local health store for the Aloe Vera leaf? See if this works for you too! 

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  • Reply
    May 30, 2015 at 11:53 am

    I want one!
    When I was in Australia and living in this hostel in Cairns I got really bad sunburn. BAD. I’m talking weird white boils all over my back.
    This old Aussie dude went round the bac of the hostel and pulled off these big leaves from an aloe Vera plant and he rubbed it all over my back (I got a bit creeped out for a second, but went with it).
    The next day the weird boils were gone. My back was still a bit pink but no longer as red. It was amazing. I couldn’t believe a plant did that in 24 hours. So yes, I Defo want one haha
    x tink x

    • Reply
      May 30, 2015 at 12:41 pm

      That’s amazing! I got my leaf for ยฃ1.20 at this cute health stall in Manchester, I’m sure you would find one! If it works for you… Xx

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