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This week, I’ll be talking about SKIN*.

Beauty; This is usually not the type of post I would write about, however, it is something that has affected my health which is something I do write about and I would like to show awareness. Well-being is something I take a lot of pride in for myself, which is why I have decided to break away from the usual chit-chat that I normally go on about.

*DISCLAIMER! All thoughts are my own and are not here for medical advice. These are things that have helped me with my condition and if you are worried about your skin health, please contact a specialist.



So here it is, confession time…



There we go, I’ve said it. After years of not really mentioning it over social media, as I felt that it was an issue I was not willing to accept… I now feel that it is something that I want to talk about.


I was always embarrassed and ashamed of my flare ups when they happened, but felt that I was lucky enough to be able to manage my skin when these situations appeared, far and few between… Until recently, that is.

I had the WORST flare up just after New Years, and for the first time, I did not how to deal with it, physically and mentally.



NYE: Before the break out.



I knew what it was when I saw the spots dotted across my body, but having to look down each day to see my skin gradually getting worse, I felt like I generally couldn’t cope with the new skin that I was in. Why was my once clear skin now covered in these red, paint like splash marks?


First off, I went to the GP and spoke about my situation, but most importantly, I then had to have ‘words with myself’ as anxiety had started to settle in again… This was NOT what I had wanted (or expected).

Once I had accepted that it was here to stay and that MANY other people do also suffer with this in-curable condition, I had started to relax, somewhat.


My condition flares up every now and then, from year to year; one moment I can be clear as day, next I will be red, itchy and flaky. I was upset with the way it looked, even more so when people commented on it daily… Which is why I had to write this post.


Skin conditions are very common, more so than I even thought, so why should we hide them when many others will understand? I had to look into this condition some more, as I knew it would re-occur again, and knowledge is key.



It is getting better daily.


Here are a few pointers that I have found worked for me, and it’s always worth a try if you are struggling to maintain your skin health.


  1. Prevention is key.

After having a wild December full of drinking and eating ‘bad foods’ I decided to look over what it was that could have irritated me from the inside out. First off, alcohol is a big one, avoiding over consumption will keep you at your best. I’m not saying cut it out completely (unless it is something you’re not too bothered about) but drinking alcohol normally consists of dehydration, eating greasy/high fat foods and lack of sleep, which are BIG red flags for your skin and health. I did all of the above for many days over the festive period, which meant my body was running itself into the ground. I needed to give myself some TLC.


2. Look after your skin on a day-to-day basis.

So I have been pretty crappy in the past when it came to self-care. I never used products for my skin/hair, and I was lazy when it came to taking my make up off at night. I NEVER had salt/bubble baths or relaxing nights in pampering my precious body… Which is now something of the past (body screams with delight!)

It is now part of my daily regime to moisturize, moisturize, MOISTURIZE! Plus I treat myself on rest days by giving my body the full works; Focusing on my problem areas in particular. By keeping on top of these things, it will be easier to manage in the long run.


3. Treat yourself to high-class procedures.

So in the past month or two, I have decided to go out of my way to give my skin the attention it needed (which I will write about in separate posts to come! SO keep an eye out…)

Going to beauty salons, having regular massage’s and making sure that my tootsies (#runnersfeet) get some loving have helped majorly. Which is now something that will be part of my training plan in the future. As I do train regularly, there are some requirements that come with the hard work I put upon myself. It was something that I had dismissed in the past, however, rest and recovery is JUST as important.


4. Avoid certain foods/increase others.

When I trialled out VEGANUARY, I noticed how my skin had improved so dramatically. It was probably because of the increase of fruits and vegetables within my diet, so I’m not protesting that you should also trial out this lifestyle, however, look at what you may not be having as much of within your diet, in case you’re missing something. Apparently increasing Omega 3 within your diet will help settle the skin (as well as vitamin D) and decreasing processed foods because of its anti-nutritional properties, will also keep evil bacteria at bay.

I would suggest creating a food diary to figure out what you’re lacking in/what you’re having too much of and then looking at vitamins or supplements (if don’t include them in your every day food choices) which will ultimately mean you can control your body’s intake and overall health.


5. Speaking to someone/Keeping peace with yourself.

For me, worrying made it a whole lot worse. Catch 22, don’t worry about your skin because it will only get worse/worries about skin because it looks worse than yesterday… BUT once I had got over the fact that it was here to stay (unwelcome of course) then it had started to fade over time. Of course this was with the help of products etc, but anxiety is a BIG factor in skin health. I eventually spoke about it with the public if they were confused about it, and then spoke to other sufferers which kept me at peace with my own body.

We all have to deal with something, so understanding what we have and also talking about it to those who are in the same boat, made it somewhat comfortable.


Photo shoot with @RuggedWisdom - during my breakout.

Confident. Photo shoot with @RuggedWisdom – during my breakout.



It has slowly started to disappear (thankfully) but I know psoriasis will appear again in the future, however, I do now know how to deal with my condition and I will continue to look after myself as much as I can do.


What helped you in your flare ups? Do you suffer from a skin condition and want to speak out? Message me if you have any other tips or even if you fancy a chat with a fellow sufferer!



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