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After dealing with my skin eruption, I decided to invest some time in taking care of my skin. First things first, I needed to research in specific treatments because the psoriasis had now appeared on my face, much to my dismay.

I was contacted by Yuva Medi Spa in Alderley edge, Cheshire for their launch event last year whilst I was living in Manchester, and I was unable to make it. However, I had come across some of the leaflets whilst moving stuff around in my London flat…




After speaking to a few others, I had heard how beautiful the place was and that the treatments were something I should look into, especially with my skin issues. So I booked in a treatment for me and my mother (as a surprise pressie) so I could REALLY check the place out.


First off, if you are looking for luxury, THIS is the place to be. It felt super stylish, cosy and comfortable, yet professional and classy. I felt at ease as we both sat with coffee in the waiting lounge with lovely views of the gardens out back. The atmosphere was very relaxed; everything you needed for a chilled afternoon, whilst being pampered.




One by one we were taken upstairs to the treatment room to go through some details before our Hydra Facial started. They were very thorough with my skin health, as I had mentioned that I had started to get the psoriasis on my face, which is always good to see. I wanted to make sure that my skin was safe under these intense procedures, and they did their utmost to keep me feeling secure.

The Hydra Facial is done in steps, and was clearly spoken to me before the procedure went ahead. I felt at ease, being taken through each step (as there were six in total) and after our chat, we decided that one part of the treatment would be exchanged to a lighter alternative, just in case of a flare up. My mother went with the whole procedure, so she got to have the full experience.




I was assured that the Dermalux equipment was safe and clinically proven, as I had never done anything of the sort before; I needed all the information in the hands before I went head first into the procedure (no pun intended!)After a lengthy health check and chat, I was good to go with the Hydra Facial, and I couldn’t wait to rejuvenate my skin!


The colour theme of the building is just stunning, the decor was something that definitely caught my eye. Lots of greys and gold, which were very soothing and classic. Laying down on the bed, I felt at ease and relaxed into the procedure.


The treatment aims to give you immediate results by removing dead skin, extract debris and provide hydration, but also designing each step to the individual and their needs.

Towards the end of the session, I was left under the Dermalux LED light, to relax for twenty minutes. I did end up nearly falling asleep at this point as it felt like lying on a beach with the warmth upon my face (and it was all done via infrared wavelengths.)




Since then, my skin has been MUCH better, although the weather still tends to make it dryer than usual, my redness and psoriasis has gone from my face, and is much easier to deal with. This treatment is recommended as a maintenance procedure, so it is something I will be looking at going back for. However as I am back down south, I will be visiting the Mayfair branch this time around, but I had wanted to share my Cheshire experience with YOU.


Take a look at their website as they have many other procedures within the clinic to assist your beauty/health needs. A consultation may be best to see what they have on offer, and their details are on their website here.



What has helped your skin condition? Have you ever visited Yuva Medi Spa? If you are ever looking at having a relaxing, pampering skin-health day, check out their website in the highlighted links previously!




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