Three years ago, in the month of January, my blog baby (formally known as A Crazy Contradiction) WAS BORN. 


Let’s get a big WOOHOO! 🎉


It is amazing to see how she has grown along the way, and I’m ever so proud of what she has brought to the table! It sounds silly to refer to her as a ‘being’, but I appreciate how the blog has helped me to grow into the person that I am today.


As we are speaking of appreciation, and were still in the highs of NY wisdom, I have decided to write out the top five basics that make my day-to-day life a happier one; what are your top five?





1. Speak to your family/friends daily.

Something great has happened, you need a shoulder to cry on, or you just want to chit-chat… There should always be someone you can rely on to pick up the phone.

I talk to my mother at least three times a week, which always makes me feel a million times better. If it’s not her, it is the best friend that gets the ear ache. Who ever it is, appreciate the fact that they’re there and they do want to listen. Plus who doesn’t like to gossip about the latest?


2. Eat a balanced diet.

Fuel the body with nutrition and it will repay you with greatness. Regardless of your diet and lifestyle, if you take a little care with what you are putting into your body, you will feel on top of the world.

This does also mean you’re allowed to treat yourself every now and then. Of course I still eat pizza and chocolate when I fancy it, but there’s a time and a place. 80% of the time I eat well, because it makes me feel good, but if I fancy a piece of cheesecake, I damn well will eat that piece of cheesecake!


3. Move a little more.

Exercise is my life; running especially has done a lot for my mental health and of course my physical health too.

Go for a walk each day, take the stairs instead of the lift or go to that group fitness class you have been meaning to join in on – whatever your ‘thing’ is, make a point of moving more each day and it will bring happiness to the table. I can assure you that.


4. Have a little ‘me’ time.

It took a long time for me to be able to enjoy and be comfortable in my own company and it is so important to let yourself have time to evaluate. Life can become hectic and there are so many things you need to keep on top of which can be overwhelming. When it all gets a bit too much, take yourself away from the madness and think/write/watch/exercise – whatever; just take that time to be alone and gather your thoughts… Trust me. It’s good to have a little love for yourself.


5. Find a job that makes you happy.

I know this is a hard one, because sometimes it can take us years to find what it is that makes us tick and do it for a living, but it is SO important to be (somewhat) happy within the career choice you make.

I had been a bar manager for most of my life, and it was great at the time, but once it stopped being fun/challenging/worth my time, I had to get out.

I was always unsure of what to do for an actual career and I felt lost at the time of change, until I realised what it was that truly made me happy… So I made that change, and I tell you now, it was f*cking scary; but I knew I would be so much happier getting out of the job that I had previous. I was not willing to be upset on a daily basis, when I could just make that jump.

You have to be at your job for most of your adult life, so why waste your time and talent in something that doesn’t make you happy? It’s difficult to make changes, but if your happiness is at risk, then it should be a no-brainer.



What keeps you happy on a day-to-day basis? I’d love to know your life hacks!


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