Reading The List By Yuval Abramovitz

I was introduced to the book, The List – Shout Out Your Dreams! By Yuval Abramovitz via a motivational quote on Twitter (by the author himself). I looked online for his work and came across it very easily on Amazon (or here if you live across the pond!)

When first settling into the book, I instantly connected to the author. I felt as if he was sat in front of me telling me of his life over a creamy coffee (or a pint if you ask me!) His writing has an easy flow to it and after each chapter had ended, I had to read on without putting the book down. It was informative yet straight to the point and there wasn’t once a spot of boredom, furthermore I craved to know of ย ‘The List’ and how it became… So I read on.

As a list writer myself, I quickly related to Yuval Abramovitz and his motives. I felt his passion and the need for personal success throughout. I wanted that same ardour for my goals and ambitions that I instantaneously looked upon my own life. His energy was almost infectious.

So I am not surprised that it came #1 best seller in the motivational books category after 30 thousand downloads on Amazon in the last 6 weeks and at a peak it also came #12 in the best selling books overall. If a hard back version is not your thing and you don’t have a kindle, fear not as you can also download the ‘Kindle app’ to your phone or iPad and purchase.

As Yuval Abramovitz states, the book is not about his life, but to let people know of the ‘list method’ via sharing his story. He gives us the tools to use for our own propositions but it is up to ones self to assemble that change. Making us aware of our own dreams and life expectations which we all create and either make a success, or to leave it only but a dream.


Therefor, anyone in search of a personal pick me up or are in need of some motivation to boost your own morale, take a look at this book to restore a little bit of faith back into ones world.

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