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For Goodness Shakes: Protein Water


Coconut is the craze right now. I have jumped on the coco bandwagon. All of my friends have bought me countless of products that contain coconut, as they know it is my flavour of the month. This wasn’t always the case… When I was younger, I HATED anything to do with coconut. It was only when I became a fitness freak that I suddenly was addicted to everything coconut. Maybe it is what the body needs…

So when I came across For Goodness Shakes and their products, I was more than happy to try out their range.


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This water based protein drink is great for athletes, as it’s main ingredient being coconut, it is doing it’s main job by hydrating the body. This product will take care of you after training. The proteins within this drink will help maintain the progress of lean, functioning muscles. For a quick fix of nutrition, this delicious shake is boosted with 10g of protein isolate and is only 52 calories per bottle. For Goodness Shakes Coconut Water comes in two different flavours, Tropical and Orange and plain old simple Mango, two great refreshing flavours to keep you satisfied. Mmmm!!

You can use this as a low calorie substitute as part of a varied diet, or as a tasty protein fuelled supplement after a great workout. This can be kept cold in fridge, or at room temperature, just shake and drink on the go. No added sugars, and all natural products, which is something I will always take to.

I would say this shake is best for hydration and will promote recovery after a vigorous workout. Or it can also be used as part of your every day diet if you are always on the go, and nutrition isn’t one of your priorities, this is the perfect pick me up.


For Goodness Shakes have many other products that coincide with sports, so wether it is energy, nutrition or recovery that you are looking for, their site offer many other shakes to keep you going. However, I will be sticking with my coconut protein fix.

Marathon training is hotting up, so having one of these after a long run before rushing back out to work will do me the world of good. For Goodness Shakes are a quick and easy fix for all types of athletes.

Find these beauty’s at your nearest superstore (UK). Asda, Sainbury’s and Boots are the main stockists, however they are also sold in your bigger Morrison’s and Tesco’s. Failing that, check out their website and buy online.


Personally, I enjoyed the taste as it was so refreshing, better off from the fridge after a long, hard run. The texture wasn’t too thick, really easy to drink as it was mainly water based. I used this after a few of my longer marathon training runs, and other than the odd bit of tightness in my muscles, I felt this product gave me the right amount protein to keep me stronger for my next run.

If you would like to try for yourself, check out the website below for their full range!

For Goodness Shakes.

Work Hard. Play Hard.

    Work Hard. Play Hard.


Thank you to Well Hello and For Goodness Shakes for letting me try out these delicious products.


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