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It is that time of year again and this year has been very different from any other year. Especially when it comes to buying Christmas presents!


With shops shut for half of the year and internet shopping becoming the norm, people are taking more risks than ever when it comes to gift buying. Me and my family have decided to not buy any gifts this year, unless we see something of use. However, I have wanted to invest in a few local businesses that may have had it a little tougher this year.


Some of the items below have kindly been gifted, but they really are perfect when it comes to buying gifts. I have loved these items so much, that I wanted to share them on the blog. If you are struggling to find a last minute buy for your runner friend, then please read on and get your mitts on something soon as time will be running out!



website AMWRAP



This little company, based up north in the UK, has quite a lot to choice when it comes to buying for you athletic friend. They have a range of items, from cups, mirrors to t-shirts and jumpers! If your friend is into a mixture of sports, including their running, then this is the company you should be looking at. As the founders are big CrossFit fans, they cater to both male and female and for those who vary their training. From triathletes, to gym bunny’s to fitness addicts – there is something for everyone!

Think slogan tees and household items with tongue-in-cheek humour slashed across them. They really have been a firm favourite online and I love the bright colours and cheeky tone. For good-quality, banterous gifts – look no further. AMWRAP has fitness gifts for all!

Check the website out HERE!



fucking comp

christmas PB






I was pleasently surprised when I received my little RUNK box at how beautiful presented and how smart my gift looked. For a small business, they really know their stuff and have obviously put their heart and soul into this project. Their items are all handmade and eco-friendly. So for the health/world conscious, runner friend, this gift would be ideal! Their body soap smells INCREDIBLE and again, it is personally made. Plus, they have a lot of products that are very useful right now including hand sanitiser and face masks.

They have a selection of gift packs that would be perfect for the runner friend which also includes handy items for those who run longer distances. My pack included a small lip balm tray and mini bottle of sanitiser to take with me when I am far away from home – SO handy! I love this little company and I am glad I got to stumble across their brand. I can see amazing things to come for them!

Find them HERE!



RUNK run gift






This company is brand-spanking new! Shop at Adventusaur on ETSY, a website well known for local businesses and small companies. The founders are runners themselves and they decided to create this project in lockdown to make a positive of the situation! These letterbox gift boxes are made for those in training, or for runners looking to try out some new products. They include energy gels, vaseline, head buffs/bands as well as sweets and snacks for those longer runs.

Looking for a secret-Santa gift for your running mad friend?

Take a look at Adventusaur HERE!



adventusaur advent box



brooks run merry


As most of you know, I am a BROOKS ambassador and I love the new Christmas products! The Run Merry Revel 4’s above are almost sold out! They are limited edition for Christmas time only and look super great on the road. The festive colours will make any runner stand out from the crowd, as well as some of the winter clothing on site. This present is for your runner lover or a family member/friend as these are a little more pricey than the items above, but they really are a show-stopper!

I was lucky enough to own a Run Merry long sleeve top and thermal gilet. Take a look at their website HERE!









This gift is a little different from the others. This little diary is great for those looking to set new goals and for those training for an event. This diary will help the runner in your life set acheivable goals and create positive habits. This will help them keep track of their training plan and weekly aims. I find that I like to keep track of my training on paper or on a board, so I can see the progress that I am making. It helps me to visualise and see what I will be doing and I can easily tick off what I have accomplished.


If your runner friend needs some guidance or is new to running, they may love this gift. Find this journal HERE!


the routine diary



Let me know if you get something from one of these lovely independent companies, they really have some awesome stuff! If you know of any other local brands, then feel free to pop into the comments below. Would love to share and spread the word!

I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas! 🙂


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