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As most of you may have heard, last week I was nominated to join big time seller Women’s Running UK as one of their race ambassadors for the year. I was extremely happy when I had received the email, in fact, I was jumping around for joy (quite literally) and couldn’t wait to share the news with you all.


Hard work pays off, and this is applied to many things. So let’s talk about when it’s applied to training for an event. You are running a 5K/10K (or even a half marathon) and you have to put in the graft to be able to see the end results. It can be hard and very tiring, and it won’t always be fun. It can be so, so difficult just to get yourself motivated, but remember, we all have to start somewhere! So my job here is to motivate you lot to get your trainers on and join me within the world of running. Whichever mileage you choose, I’ll be with you every step of the way. The more the merrier I say, so lets get us all out together. Come on ladies… Let’s do this!




So you’re new to running? You want to start training for an event but unsure of which to choose? Women’s Running magazine have set up their own series which involve twelve different race events across the U.K. Each race has three running distance options, the original 10K, beginners 5K and their new 1 mile run which is for all those wanting to join in on the fun. Women’s Running have made the races applicable for all candidates. What ever your ability is, what ever your purpose is, it does not matter, because their will be a distance for you. You just have to want to run it!




All 5K/10K runners will finish with a special medal, a goody bag filled with treats and of course, the all important finishers t shirt. So if you are looking for a new challenge, or would like to start running and need a race to keep you motivated then LOOK NO FURTHER. All races will have pacers on the day, so you can keep track of your timing, but if you would rather do it for the fun of it, then you will feel more than welcome to join a team of women promoting other women’s fitness.


Expect to to recieve your runners number and extra details two weeks prior to race day. If you unsure where your nearest Women’s Running event is, check out the bottom of this page for dates and SIGN UP today.


imageAlso, as you are one of LipstickAndTrainers readers, and I love you so, I have a special surprise in store for you… 💜
Use this code (to the left) to recieve a 15% discount off the final price for all individual Women’s Running 5K and 10K races. (WRLIPT1715)




Women’s Race Series.

Cardiff- 21st May 2017

Southampton- 4th June 2017

Exeter- 18th June 2017

Milton Keynes-2nd July 2017

Nottingham-9th July 2017

Liverpool- 16th July 2017

Glasgow-27th August

Manchester-10th September 2017

Birmingham 17th September 2017

Maidstone 24th September 2017

Leeds 1st October 2017

London 8th October 2017


Click HERE to sign up to one of the above races from Women’s Running Race Series.


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  • Reply
    March 14, 2017 at 5:44 pm

    I’m very excited to have signed up for the Women’s Running Glasgow 10K! I’ve also signed up for my very first 10K in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival in May…hoping it doesn’t put me off!

    • Reply
      Emma Joy
      April 4, 2017 at 7:38 am

      Excellent work Lisa!let me know how you get on via Twitter? My handle is @emajoyc

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