Marathon training has started back up, which means a lot of running. It can become monotonous, so I promised myself that I would fit in some other activities and explore the world of fitness.




I had first heard of Adanola in the lead up to their first workout session event, when I received an email a couple of weeks ago. The brand itself is big in New York already, but as it originated here in Manchester, they decided to bring the athletic clothing brand to our attention with a great fitness event.




Looking at Adanola online and seeing the classic, stylish athleisure, I knew I had to get my hands on a piece. I wanted to be completely involved within the session, which meant testing out the product itself at their very own event. I chose the branded shorts which are featured below (interested in buying a pair? Click here!) as suggested by one of the ladies at Adanola.




The HIIT session was the first of many more to come. They wanted to host a free fitness class as a way of giving back to the community. Keep an eye out as there will be more to come, and as it is free to attend, it would be silly not to join in on the fun!

Stephanie got us all raring to go by describing the meta HIIT (high-intensity interval training) session as an intense, almost Insanity style training workout. Not going to lie, I was scared. Even as the fitness enthusiast that I am, I am not as comfident with HIIT training, especially after comparing it to the likes of Insanity. Although I had tried HIIT a few times before, this was going to be somewhat of a challenge. However, I am big on trying out new things, especially when it comes to fitness. So I was ready for this beast of a workout!





In the style of HIIT, we had three sets of body strength movement with a ten second active rest in between. You have to give your all in the short bursts of exercise, to increase the heart rate which essentially will aid the body to burn fat in less time. This is supposed to be more useful for weight loss than steady cardio, which is great after a pig out in December!


It was hard; very hard, but if it were easy, there would be no point in HIIT. I was one sweaty mess after the free session at LEAF on Portland street but it felt so rewarding afterwards. You know you have worked out hard when you can’t stop shaking!




The people of Adanola were incredibly friendly, and they had stated that they wanted different fitness events to happen on the regular. Most of them will be free, if not cheap, so follow them on Twitter and Instagram for updates on the next session. The whole evening with the team was a great one and I am looking forward to the next! Giving back to the community, and bringing us all together, what more could you ask for?


Not only are they giving us the luxury of free fitness events, they just launched their newest kit this week so go check out their website for some incredibly fashionable, affordable pieces.




Check out Adanola by clicking HERE !

Want to visit LEAF on Portland street, Manchester? Click here.



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