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Anyone who knows me well, I am willing to try out all sorts when it comes to sports and fitness. In the past year, I have gone to many classes that have opened my eyes to the health and wellbeing world, and it just keeps on growing. Running will always be my number one, but I have learnt that any strength and conditioning that can be applied to my training plan will only promote my fitness state. So the journey continues…


Last weekend, I tried out AIR HOOP via MagnaPass for the first time and was actually surprised by how much I liked it. I’ve tried pole in the past and wasn’t a big fan (probably because I wasn’t at all good at it, so I’m willing to give it another shot) so was apprehensive when I came to the AIR HOOP class on Church Street, Manchester.



Studio 25 is known as the one of the best places for dancers to hang out. There are many different classes to choose from, so it is worth checking out if dance is more your thangggg.

So turning up on Sunday, I was worried about my ability to do the class, however, this was not the case at all once we got started.

Imogen was very helpful when it came to teaching us the ropes (pun not intended, har) and I instantly felt comfortable. The other girls were also very supportive, as we were all pretty much in the same boat here. AIR HOOP is very similar to other aerial fitness activities, which uses most of your muscles to control movement. If you’re looking for upper body/core strength activities that’ll have you laughing, then this is the one for you!




With three hoops hanging from the ceiling, we had to choose the one that best fit our height. So we got to know our buddies and started the fun! First off, we had to get onto the hoop, which in itself was a challenge. Watching Imogen do it so easily made me think I would have this in the bag, but the arm strength it required, meant I needed more practice! Once we were all comfortable on the dangling hoops, we were then shown a number of poses to acheive whilst in the air.


It was scary and exciting, but most of all, it wasnt your ordinary fitness class. What stops most people from attending these activities is because they feel like it’s a workout (which sounds stupid, but y’all will know what I mean) and AIR HOOP did not seem like you were working out; yet for DAYS after, my arms were still so sore! A true training session in my eyes.




It was fun, it was daring and it worked most of the muscle groups, which is exactly what people want. Want to trial a class? Check the bottom of this page for details on AIR HOOP!



I found out about this experience via MagnaPass; a no contract hub for all things FITNESS. If you are looking for an easy to go to site where you can book all sorts of classes then THIS is your space. As a member, you can search and discover new, local based classes for any sort of sport.

From barre and yoga to HIIT and martial arts, they have it all! Plus there are plenty of one off experiences including retreats and collaborations with big health brands and fooderies in and around Manchester. Keeping it close to home and supporting the hard working, local companies that are here to give Mancunians a fit and healthy lifestyle.



It is simple enough to use once you have signed up, just search for specific classes or days that you’re free to workout, book online and turn up raring to go! MagnaPass is a very sociable and friendly community, with plenty of exciting treats for all fitness fanatics. Keep an eye out for future events coming up soon, as there are some AMAZING things happening, and you really don’t want to miss out.


They have also just launched their PREMIUM package which includes:

  • Free access to exclusive one-off Experiences.
  • Premium-only discounts on MagnaPass classes.
  • Offers & deals on food, drink, clothing and more.
  • Curated content from ourselves, our Partners and bloggers.

At the moment it’s £10 a month with 50% off your first month, HOWEVER, as a lovely reader of mine, we have a little surprise for you in store…


With Lipstick & Trainers, you will get your first month FREE (£10 p/m after) so you can try out which sessions you enjoy most! Follow the link HERE and use the discount code EMMAJOY at the checkout for this special offer! Don’t miss out on such a great opportunity!





For more information on Air Hoop, follow this link.

For more information on MAGNAPASS, follow this link.


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