FierceFit. Manchester.


I had first heard of FierceFit a few months back on Twitter, and being the fitness freak that I am, I had to find out what it was all about.


FierceFit is a female focused personal training service based in the heart of Manchester for the fitness hungry, regardless of your goal. They have private and group sessions in aid to improve everyone’s personal fitness journey, which fits in and around the working timetable. This team have the goods for all women, of any shape or size, who have a reason to ‘get fit’.


First up we have Fierce Intensity which gets your heart racing for a maximum intense workout which promotes weight loss and stamina. This is no typical workout, this will get you trim quick but is hella fun, even though you are pushing yourself to the limit!




Then we have Fierce Body which focuses on weight training and body strength. This promotes muscle vitality which is key for fitness training. It will improve your strength and tone your whole body, as you only use your own weight to gain durability. Hello abs!




Last but not least, Fierce Squad which gets everyone working hard together. This is for those that lack motivation, who need that extra boost when the going gets tough. FierceFit have planned duel exercises that almost replicate a bootcamp style workout, so you are not alone when trying to reach your goal. This is all about team work, which makes it all the more fun.




They also have a few health services, including massages, physiotherapy and pilates which will improve your wellbeing. These come hand in hand with any workout plan, and it all come’s under one roof!


The team at FierceFit are exceptionally friendly, very helpful and supportive, which is all you can ask for when signing up on any one of three plans they have ( for both fitness classes and personal training). The pricing is very reasonable, especially as many spend a fortune a month at the gym. For the fitness classes, they start out from £39 a month to £99, depending on how many sessions a week you are able to attend to. There will be something suited for your lifestyle!


If group sessions are something you are not that into, then there are the PT session packages to also choose from, again with three choices (Bronze, Silver and Gold) for busy and leisurely women.




After visiting their launch party last month, I have kept firm friends with the ladies at FierceFit and will be popping my head in whilst tapering. Need to keep this body lean and supple for that up and coming marathon I have in September!



To have a further look into their Bronze, Silver and Gold packages online, visit their website at FierceFit and become a part of the #FierceFit crew!





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