How To Keep Motivated During The Winter Months.


It is difficult keeping fit during December, which is why I thought I would share what motivates me most during the madness of Christmas, the dark nights and cooler temperatures.



IMG_2088Buy New Sports Wear.

I remember the summer days when I could go out in just shorts and a stylish crop top. Not anymore! In the winter, it is all about layering up. The cold, dark nights will make us deliberate our workouts. So whilst we are pondering over whether we should go out or not; Let us start with the basics. When you put on a new dress/shirt/outfit, you feel good. This is the same with sports wear. So invest in some great winter gear that you will make you feel a million dollars. Bright colours are my thing, so find your style and work with it. It doesn’t have to be big baggy jumpers and chunky socks!


IMG_3842Plan A New Challenge.

Christmas is coming. Which means, lots of booze, lots of food and plenty of cake. This could put a stop to exercising, but what if you had a grand challenge that awaited you within the new year? When it got to December, I told myself that I would allow the treats that came with the season jollies, but I had to keep in mind of the challenge that I had planned for April 2017. I booked the Paris Marathon as a goal that I could focus on when all the Christmas fun was over. Plan that race, aim for a goal. This will keep you going, even when the motivation is at it’s lowest.


IMG_1491Work Out With A Friend.

Sometimes working out by yourself is just not that much fun. You can always let yourself down, but if you plan to meet with a friend, you can’t let them down too. You are more than likely to keep one another motivated, not to mention the slight competition you may build between you. You possibly can not miss a workout if your friend is continuing with the fitness plans, hey? So ask a friend to go for a run with you after work, or take them to a yoga class. It is so much more fun when you have your pal for support, and gives you chance to catch up!


IMG_0369Alternate Your Sports.

If you are training for something you tend to stick to ‘a plan’ for the majority of your week, but mixing things up keeps the spice to life. If you cross train, it keeps things a little more exciting. After an injury, running was off the cards for me, so I had to find another way of getting my endorphins. HIIT training became my new favourite way of getting my sweat on, which is great for an overall body work out. As winter is one of the hardest of seasons to keep motivated, changing up what you do will help keep the mind active and willing to move forward.


FullSizeRender-4 copyTreat Yourself.

Now when I say treat yourself, I don’t mean it is an excuse to gorge on all things sweet and naughty, however, if you reward yourself every now and then for keeping up with all the hard work you put your body through, it will keep you going through the colder months. Having your favourite food waiting at home whilst you are freezing your butt off, running around the local park on a late night may make it all the more worthwhile.


IMG_0019Choose A New Playlist.

Listenting to the same tunes time and time again can become tedious. Especially if you are working out a lot. You can add new songs weekly to your running playlist but you will become accustomed to the same ‘bounce’. Change up the playlist and get yourself out there. Listening to something new will excite the brain and make you work harder. You will come to miss your beloved old playlist so you can always come back to it with new ears.



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