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January has been and gone and those who have planned to make a few changes may be enjoying their new regimes in health and fitness. It is always super tough at the start, when you want these changes to become a priority but there are still habits to be broken.

In today’s post, I have a little ramble on how its best to keep a hold of these new-found routines PLUS how our health and wellbeing is such a HUGE part of our training too. I had a few brews along the way, and would like to introduce you to TEAS+ teas…




Ever heard the saying “movement breeds movement?” Moving day-to-day will naturally promote an active lifestyle. The more you move, the more you will want to do; which sounds simple at first but in reality, it is not as easy as we may mention.

We live very hectic lifestyles (especially those living in the city or those with family) and the last thing you want to do at the end of your day is spare some time for exercise. However, once a routine has been placed, it will be much easier to keep to your promise.


Three tips to keep you motivated:

  1. Choose your exercise. This doesn’t have to be running, if you prefer hitting the gym, jumping in the swimming pool or just going for a long walk; choose to do what YOU enjoy doing and it will be easier for you to continue to do in the future.
  2. Choose the time wisely. If you’re a morning bird, get yourself up 30 minutes earlier for your chosen movement. If you would rather do it after work, then do so at that time. Follow your own rules!
  3. Be tough on yourself. If you are unsure whether you’re ‘not really feeling it’ or just being a bit lazy… Just go out and see how you feel – sometimes it is all mind over matter. Go with the flow and if you are still feeling tired, then call it quits but once the blood starts flowing, you’re bound to feel tons better, and you may continue!


There is nothing I like more than chilling on the sofa POST-workout with a hot drink and treat, especially in this weather. Try ENERGY by TEA+ teas for that extra boost prior to your workout. A blend of vitamin C, yerba mate and ginseng with 100% NRV vitamin B6 and B12*. This contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, designed to support those with an active lifestyle. Plus, it tastes like raspberry and pomegranate, YUM!

*Per Serving. 




Everyone knows that diet plays a HUGE role in your health and wellbeing. Fuel your body with tasty, nutritious foods and your body will repay you with great things! You wouldn’t put diesel in your petrol fuelled car, would you?

Looking after yourself is key, especially in training, so look after your body and it will look after YOU. Things may change in the lead up to your goal/event (dietary wise) so don’t be frightened to try out new things along the way to see what works for you. If you are starting to feel a little unwell/sleep deprived, rest up and focus on recovery.


If you are looking to top up on your vitamins because you are feeling a little under the weather… Try out DEFENCE by TEA+ teas which aims to help your daily wellness goals when needed the most!  A blend of echinacea and ginseng with 100% NRV vitamin C* which is designed to help support the immune system when you need it. This one is orange and blueberry flavoured; currently my favourite!

*Per Serving. 




Unfortunately, we don’t get a lot of sunlight here in England, especially during the winter months. It is not so appealing when the skies are grey and gloomy, however, it is still great for us to get outside daily. Being outside in the sunlight will aid the brain to create more serotonin (the happy feels) which means, going outdoors will genuinely make us happy human beings.

If you really struggle to get your vitamin D, due to lifestyle or dietary choices then it is worth looking at what can supplement your intake. Vitamin D is VERY important as it aids muscle function (which great if you are an athlete in training)!


Look at maybe recording your food intake and if you believe that you are lacking in vitamin D, then introduce certain foods into your diet, or look for products that will contribute to your wellbeing in areas that you are lacking. Try VITAMIN D by TEA+ teas which helps to maintain general health and wellbeing. A blend of lemongrass and green tea with 100% NRV vitamin D* for bones and teeth as well as muscle function. A mango and pineapple flavoured dream team!

*Per Serving. 




If you train a lot, then it is always worth checking in on how much sleep you are getting. Sleep is incredibly important, that it is actually a part of my personal training plan. The recommended amount of sleep a person in training should have is between 8-11 hours. We all differ because of lifestyle, training plans and age, but having the average (or above average) amount of sleep is vital for performance.

If you are clocking some serious mileage per week, having those valued rest days will give you the fire to continue on your harder days! Set a ‘me day’ in your planner, once or twice a week and pamper yourself. You deserve it!


Sometimes we can forget about the importance of our health and wellbeing; just remember, that YOU are your number one priority! If you have overdone it this week and need that moment to re-set, try CLEANSE by TEA+ teas. It is blended with dandelion root, ginger root and milk thistle plus NRV selenium* which contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and nails. Deep, sweet fruits apple and blackcurrant, yummy!

*Per Serving. 



I personally can’t get ENOUGH of these teas! You can find TEA+ teas at your local Holland & Barrett or bulk buy from their website HERE! Thanks to TEA+ for #gifting me the new branded selection of teas to trial and review.


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