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For months and months, I had watched my Twitter friends go to the newest fitness craze down in London Town; Ministry Does Fitness.

As I was living in Manchester at the time, I had made it a priority to trial out this class as soon as I made the move to my new home city of London.


Ministry Does Fitness is based in Southwark by The Arches, which is known by clubbers across the U.K. because of the famous Ministry Of Sound albums that have been the ear-sex to our weekends.

Incorporating the fitness trend with the hottest tunes, which Ministry Does Fitness have done perfectly, have got people talking. Their work outs are not just your average class at the gym, which in itself is a great incentive to try out this place; but training here will make you look at your routine differently, I promise.




They base most of their work on interval, body weight and basic weight training, so you get a real mix for a full body work out. Their classes run throughout the day, mainly being first thing in the morning, or early evening, so there is NO excuses to miss out on your training, because of work.

The warehouse has a fantastic amount of equipment that differs to the usual gym gear. Think huge rubber tyres and battle ropes. It has an industrial feel whilst the music blares out the biggest and coolest tunes, past and present.



The lights are down low and coloured beams keep that ‘night club’ feel whilst you sweat, and not because of the dancing, but because the instructors make you work hard! The trainers at Ministry Does Fitness keep the group entertained with rounds of a HIIT style workout.

Targeting different muscles groups with intense forty second sessions that are then repeated in a slightly different manner, once the group have manoeuvred around the whole room in a clockwise motion of work out sets.

For example, we started off on the curved treadmill, that is controlled by body movement. We had to do a crawl sprint, a different leverage to your average sprint, which was then done (sprint) after a complete round had been achieved. Once a set was done, you moved over to the next base where your next set would then be obtained. Our second exercise in line was the chest press with weights, followed by the push up planks. Etc, etc…




We also got to use kettle bells and slam balls, which adds variety and fun to any fitness routine, which will help those that get bored easily to keep up.


(WARNING! Boomerang image –> Ministry Does Fitness 1 )


If you’re looking to try out new things, or mix up that workout of yours, this is the place to be! It is also great for social, as it has that feel of being ‘out on the town’. You want to get to know your partner and see them EVERY Friday to keep up that friendly competition.

This place will get you in the ‘get up and go mood’, with instructors that keep you going, advising and motivating your every move.


(Another vid —> Ministry Does Fitness 2)


They also have a bar at the front too, which serves up protein shakes and smoothies which are SO TASTY! Or if caffeine is more your style, they will get you raring to go for the day ahead with their strong ass coffee, so there is something for everyone.

Friday and Saturday evenings are saved for the hard stuff. Which is a great way to start your party night! Work hard, play hard and all that. Which is definitely right up my street!


Wanting to book in a session at Ministry Does Fitness? Click on the highlighted links through out! See you there next time 😉



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