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After being diagnosed with an infection at the beginning of the week, I have been a little bit of a mess. The doctors sat me down, told me that I was run down and to hold back on the running until the infection had cleared. I wanted to completely ignore her. I had eight weeks until my very first marathon and this was sure to ruin my training plans. However, my rational mind took over. This is time to chill out, who wouldn’t want that? We forget that in training, we need down time to let our bodies recover to become stronger. I got chance to read over some articles online about rest time and tapering to keep me satisfied.

Then came across this article… Mile After Mile explains the affects of overtraining and the symptoms you may experience throughout the intense journey running up to a full marathon. It helped me to understand that it is normal to take time out, in fact, was necessary to do so.

Marathon runners are especially vulnerable to exercise addiction. Think of running like medication: People use it to stay healthy and prevent a handful to chronic illnesses. But like with a drug, there is a chance of overdosing.

Laura Schwecherl wrote the piece for to assist runners in being much more aware of the signs and symptoms that we may ignore during training. As all us runners get a little too caught up in the hype of it all, and I can definitley vouch for that personally! There are also a great array of training tips which will promote your marathon training. An overall good read.

I will regularly go back to this piece when I am feeling a little fragile about wasting my time having the down time needed, so that I can fully recover. Which means I can then be ready for an even greater week of training the following week.

Take a look at the signs below and if you require any more information, which I heavily suggest, (as it helped me out tremendously) the link to the website is below the image provided.



Mile After Mile: When You Should Ease Up On Your Marathon Training.
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    February 19, 2016 at 2:48 pm

    Common sense resolves everything. Even extreme training can be moderated. xxx

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