A Relationship With Running.

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As a marathoner runner, I spend a lot of time in my trainers, and as some of you may already know, running is only just the beginning, as marathon training is on a whole other level.


Most people take up running for fitness as they want to shed a few pounds, so going for 2-3 jogs a week is enough to keep you going. For those who plan on running the distance of a half/full marathon, the hobby then becomes a lifestyle. It is not as hunky dory as you may think, as running pretty much becomes an every day thought.


I have a full blown, love/hate relationship with running.


Most of us will find the partner of our dreams, the feeling of wanting to spend every waking moment in the company of their chosen lover. For others, running fills this part similarly. I can definitely say that running has taken over my life, just as a human relationship would. I am sure others would agree, so here are top 6 reason’s why running, when in training, is very similar to having a relationship with that one, very special person.


Running will always be in your thoughts.

Just as you would not stop thinking about the lover that has just entered your life, running is a constant thought. You will regularly look at your weekly timetable as to when you can fit in a run of any kind. Planning long run days on your days off and sneaking in a few miles on an eve is the norm, even though you may have other plans, you will tend to find time to pound those pavements around them!


Running will become number one.

As a relationship grows, you tend to spend more and more time with your loved one, to enjoy and learn about their life. This is the point where you are on the look out to see whether this person can ‘fit’ into your crazy little world… I also see this with training. Questions arise, “Can I fit in ALL this time for all them miles?” “Can I see myself putting a lot of time and effort into this?”

Is training really worth it?!”

If the answer is yes, running then becomes the priority, just as your fancy friend would be too. You will see yourself cancelling plans for it, you will avoid going to the pub for it and you will prioritise the time with your trainers before many other events, because this is now important to you. Oh this is love!


Running will take you places.

I have found that my running events have taken me to other cities and other countries. Choosing to run a marathon in Berlin was one of my highlights, something I never thought I would ever do.

When stuck in the midst of love, you will let yourself go, and you will take more chances. You will plan many adventures with the person that is now a huge part of your life, because that is what is exciting. Running events are planned all over the world. So if you are looking to go abroad, but you never really got the excuse to go? Check online for many planned races, and book your next run today!


Running will deprive you of sleep.

Those first few weeks of courtship will have you completely tired and lacking in energy. You spend sleepless nights in their arms, squeezing in as much time as possible just to hear their voice. It is these moments that you remember, as this is where the effort lies.

Running will get you up bright an early before work just so you can cram in those extra few junk miles. Always great for the morning pick me up. Training will also have you up in the late of night just so you can fit in a run just before bedtime. Hours are spent on fine tuning your training, working your body up to the moment, as it is all about what you put into the relationship that will make this work.


Running will mess with your emotions.

When you get to spend a lot of time with yourself, you learn plenty of your own mind. You let yourself feel every damn emotion within you, especially on those hellish longer runs. Your mind is free to wander, and you will think about everything and anything if you let your thoughts run away with itself (no pun intended!)

As with any relationship, it is a roller coaster of feelings that you can not control, and it is a huge learning curve for each party. It will drag out the crazy in you, because you never knew you could feel this way. Being unsure, feeling unsafe and letting your body take over. Love is hard to figure out.

I have had many tears, many angry tantrums and many fulfilling moments during the long bouts of training runs I have had to endure. So prepare yourself. You may become an emotional wreck!


Running will help you ‘cut out the bad’.

When you meet someone who is good to you, you will take on their positive manner. It is like a having mirror, you notice certain habits that you have and may even consider alleviating these. You activley choose what is best for you and your relationship (if it is worth it) and this includes the one you have with running, as relationships are all about bringing out the best in your partner and oneself. So if cutting down on the drink, or eating a little bit better will promote your fitness, you will take that path in having a greater end product.



Do you agree? Has running taken over your life as if a loving relationship would? There are pro’s and con’s to any relationship. In the end, you just have to figure whether it is worth all the effort, and run away with it! 🙂


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    Love this blog post! Sums up so many things about running x

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