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As I am having a ‘training break’ from running (or in Emma’s terms – not running as much as I do whilst I’m marathon training, but still running a stupid amount…) I focus heavily on weights and strength training. This of course is important for any training plan, however, I like to experience diversity and like to put myself into something different, just to give my legs a break. Until next time, that is. Which is never a week too far away!


The first time I had heard about SPEEDFLEX was when I was living in Manchester; my friend had regularly gone to their sessions, but I had never considered going at the time… Fast forward a couple of years, and everyone seemed to be going. SO. When I had heard about the studio in London (situated between Bank and Monument), I had decided it was time to take a peak at the craze that people had been talking about for so long.




SPEEDFLEX is a functional training studio which is full of high-quality, hydraulic equipment. Each piece will push you to your personal limit and is somewhat similar to bar bell or resistance training, however, it is VERY different to anything that I have trialled before.

When you start up at SPEEDFLEX, I would suggest having a body composition (which is available upon request for a small fee) as it will give you a full break down of your body stats. This will help you to achieve your goals quicker and also give you an insight of your current fitness levels.



Once you have the details to work with, now is the time to get well and truly involved! SPEEDFLEX host multiple workouts, starting out with ‘Classic‘ (which is what it says on the tin) and is a great way to start out. A 30/45 minute interval and resistance training session that will get the heart racing!

SPEEDFLEX is for any ability or any fitness level, as the machine caters to YOU and your performance. It will react to your personal strengths and respond to your efforts as you start to fatigue, in hope that you can continue for longer. Plus, because of the design of the machines, there is a very small chance of injury and post exercise moans and groans (and is great for novices!)




When you get the hang of the studio and its equipment, there are a few other sessions to trial out (including the likes of FLEXTREME) so check out their timetable, as there’s plenty within a day!

If you decide that you need that extra attention to your weight loss/muscle gain programme etc then enquire about personal training sessions within the studio.




Check out SPEEDFLEX via their website HERE! Or via the highlighted links above!


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