#UndisputedChristmas With JD Women


Sportswear brands are upping their game with women’s fashion at the moment. Looking the part always helps with motivation when it comes to fitness, who doesn’t want to look good whilst working out?


I went to the stunning Hotel Gotham private members bar, Club Brass, last week for the JD Women’s event and got to see the latest athleisure.




On arrival, I was greeted by Jess who handed me a glass of prosecco and a wish list card. Excitement bubbled in my stomach; I didn’t know what to expect from the evening, but I comfortably fit myself in with the other bloggers. I had heard of or spoken to some of them online, so it was great to meet them in person, and it was easy to make new friends because of our interest in sports, which is why we were all invited to this fantastic event!


The performer, Lauren Faye Moss, set the mood by singing Christmas songs for us. She had such an amazing voice, one that sounded so effortless, and once she started singing some music from the charts, we even had a few of the girls up and dancing.


I had also bumped into Chessie King, big time fitness blogger from London who I had previously met in London for the UK Blog Awards event, back in November. It was amazing that she had made the effort to see how us Mancunians like to party!




After a few bubbles and Christmassy cocktails made by the hands on staff at Club Brass, we were escorted through to the showroom, where we got to see the latest women’s streetwear at JD sports.



It was all too exciting to see the newest products that were out by top brands like Adidas and Pink Soda Sport, but what caught my eye was the gold, glittery sweat pants from Nike. I had my eye on these for the last month, telling myself that I would buy them with my next wage packet but hadn’t as Christmas presents had become a priority. I had a little moment with them sweat pants, smiling to myself and imaging having a Christmas run in them (keep an eye out for my Instagram!)


After seeing the latest of JD’s women’s fashion wear, we were put into groups for a team game. As it was Christmas, we had to wrap a pair of trainers, but only with our left hand. It was a difficult task, but one we had nearly managed! Unfortunately, we were beaten by another group, but it was lots of fun, and we soon got ourselves into having a merry old time with each other.



The wine flowed and conversation took off. Ideas for 2017 became the topic as I believe that JD Women will be doing great things very soon.

I am passionate about sports, but I am also very much into my fashion, which is why it’s great that JD Women have so many items to choose from. I am hoping to set up a running group for other women who love to look good whilst working out, in hope that it will form new friendships and make exercise a less daunting activity for the fitness shy.


The JD Women event was one of the best blogging events I have been to. It was loads of fun, very informative, and filled with excitement (and let us not forget the pink prosecco!) Jess was lovely, such a great host with amazing women working around her. I hope we meet again.




So if you are interested in women’s fashion and have a love for sports, JD Women is the answer!

Click on on any of the highlighted words to see the latest sportswear fashion online at JD, or alternatively click here.


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