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Sportswear, for women especially, has become a huge statement in the sports world, and brands have blown it out the park recently! A few years ago, it was pretty darn hard to find cool gym clothing, and most of it was pretty boring to say the least. You would have to pay top money for anything remotely decent. We have the BIG brands (the likes of Adidas and Nike) that are always on point… but what if our price range didn’t cater for top shelf? I was always on the look out for smaller brands that catered for feminine women in the sports world (that didn’t have that hefty price tag) but they were far and few between.


I work out daily and am a personal trainer, which means I wear A LOT of sports wear. I want to look fresh, but professional with some added flare on a day to day basis. So looking great (and affording it) is a huge priority for me.


I have chosen my top three favourite brands which include quality, fashionable looks and affordable pricing. Starting with – PLT Sport.




  1. Pretty Little Thing.

Pretty Little Thing have been around selling their quirky, colourful fashion for a long while now. Within most people’s price range, I knew that it was the go to for many of my fashionable friends. As of recent, the guys at PLT have just launched their amazing, fresh athleisure for those who want to look good when they work out. When I looked on their website for perusal, I could NOT choose between all the products… As I just wanted absolutely EVERYTHING! Overall; the quality, the styling and the branding was next to perfect. Click on the highlighted links for their website!











When thinking of Forever 21, I would say that it is not the first place I would think of when buying the latest sports fashion, but these guys are on point. They have quite a wide selection of colour and style, so put it on your to-do list of places to shop for basics and fashionable sports pieces.



Sometimes quality isn’t the biggest factor here, but they are upping their game when it comes to sportswear for women! I’ve seen some cute crop tops and reflective wear on the cheap, so for the price you’re paying, it is worth having some back up training outfits from here!


Where do you go for sportswear? What’s your go to place for athleisure?





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