Urban Cookhouse

Looking online, I saw that yet another restaurant was opening up in Manchester. I love this as it is an excuse to go out and indulge, you know, because I have to blog about it. (-;

Urban Cookhouse is situated on Princess street, a stone throw away from Piccadilly station and the gay village. When researching the restaurant, I noticed the decor first as it was very light with lots a purple splashes. I love purple. So when I mentioned to beard and tache about trying this new gaff out, they were all in.

We went on a Thursday so it would be quiet enough to check out the place. It was very quiet but it was a week before pay day and was still only a couple of weeks old at the time. Also it being 9, most people were finishing up. The menu was easy to read and had plenty of choices. So after ordering a bottle of the house wine for the table, I checked out the array of delicious choices.

In the end I chose the Whiskey chicken on sweet potato scallops. My mouth is still watering over the thought of it now.

The portions were a little on the small side, but I guess it is all about flavour and if I comment on the taste of my meal, I could not fault it one bit! Presentation – spot on, as you can see. All of our meals came out well dressed and looking divine.

This is fine dining at it’s best as the feel and choices were very modern, yet showed elegance of a high class restaurant.

Perfect for a classy date, or a ladies gathering. The prices were reasonable but a little bit more than what I could indulge in every weekend.

The staff were incredibly helpful and on point. Which is always a great factor in any restaurant, so I see this place doing very well.

Overall, the night was a fun filled evening, having tasted great wine, flavourful food, with a lovely atmosphere. Although I will be saving it as a treat place. This might be the place of choice is you are wanting to impress!

I also heard good things about coming in at lunch time, so may give it a try in the near future!

Want to check it out yourself? Here is their website for more information! ~ Urban Cookhouse

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