Wahaca, Manchester.

It is all happening here in Manchester at the moment. Every where I turn to, there seems to be something else that is brand spanking new.

I love it! As most bloggers do.

I have heard people saying that Manchester is now the ‘much cooler version of London’ (which I may have to somewhat agree with…) as it is continues to grow bigger and better in every way possible.

So this week, me and my bezza, The Beard, went for a little something-something at the newly opened Wahaca. Walking through the glass panels at the Corn Exchange, I see that there are a couple of floors with a vast amount of seating… Few people were already eating as we sat down but as time went, the busier it got.

Me and the beard opted for a thirst quenching soft drink to start with as they had some ‘fancy’ soft drink choices. So if you’re not a big drinker (or as hungover as we were…) then check out the softies. I got a refreshing hibiscus and fruit soda. Real nice!

I was starving. So I was straight over to the ‘Bigger Food’ section, and chose the Chicken Tinga, with added Baja cheese. If you are already a little confused… Basically I got a chicken stuffed burrito with all the trimmings and tortilla chips on the side. The beard got a steak version, as we were definitely a little too hungry.

If you wanted something a little smaller or even a few nibbles and sharers, there are plenty more choices on the menu so have a look on their website! It is full of tasty Mexican dishes, plus they have some great vegetarian dishes too, which is something I always look for. One dish in particular caught my eye, the ‘Cactus and Corn burrito’. New to their menu and looks freaking AWESOME.

For afters, we both grabbed a coffee and tea which came with a lovely piece of chilli chocolate on the side. Amazing. Also, how cute is the little tea pot? (Not that the beard took much notice!)


I love Mexican food, so I will be returning to try out some more of the menu. It seems to be a great place for friends to chill with a bite to eat and if you are in a hurry, fear not! They now have QuickPay in place which is great if you are on a quick lunch break. Staff make sure you have your table number and the details at the start of lunching to be able to pay quickly via your phone at the end of your meal. So no waiting around and you can leave at your own leisure. What a genius idea?!

All in all, great place. Good food and interesting venue. Thumbs up!

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