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We are coming up to a close on 2015, enjoying the last of the Christmas season before the new year starts to begin the fitness fads. Nether the less, I have personally tried my hardest to keep myself moving. Boy it has been hard. The cold nights and rainy days can stop just about anyone from venturing out, especially when exercise is involved. However, my mission this month was to find fun ways on keeping fit during the coldest time of the year. 


Jump Nation, based at Trafford Park in Manchester was something I had heard of a few months back, firstly hearing of something similar from friends in London trying out this new activity. I obviously wanted to to try it out. Who wouldn’t? A wall to wall room full of huge trampolines, waiting for you to bounce off those calories. At first, the place was created for kids (or big kids like me) to jump around in, and they aren’t just any old trampolines. They also have angled trampolines, so you can bounce off the walls, in a literal sense, as well as a having a huge bounce pit that is safe to try out flips and such… 

So there is much to do to keep the little ones (or yourself) very active whilst having a great amount of fun.
The fitness classes were brought in soon after, having adult only classes for cardio workouts. This sounded like a dream to me. Having a trampoline all to myself whilst getting into shape? Yes please! So me and the BF joined a class one Monday evening. The class started at 8pm, however, there are plenty of other time slots to choose from depending on what work/life situations you may have. As it is so popular, they accommodate to all, and when we arrived, there must have been over 20 male and female participants ready for a bounce off. 

Picture this. A typical cardio fitness class, but all on bouncy grounds. Keeping your balance is hard enough, let alone trying to hold a squat on one. This was not just a fun experience, but a challenging one. At one point we were jumping from our knees to our feet which had me out of breath for minutes! 
After a jump around, we also did some core strength work with a focus on the abs area. This wasn’t a walk in the park. Holding planks was something I did most days, but suddenly being on a trampoline and trying it… It was a different story. 

The regime included a warm up and cool down and after an hour long session, you were pretty knackered! Thinking back, it was the most fun I have had in a long time. Burning calories wasn’t the sole purpose of these events. Having a look around, people were laughing and chatting, whilst getting down to it. It was a very social and open minded space. People were here to enjoy themselves as well as to get the heart race pumping. 

Classes start from ยฃ6 for fitness, to ยฃ8.95 for an adults only class. With an extra charge of ยฃ1.50, you can also buy Jump Nations own non-slip socks to wear during your time at Trafford. Which you also get to keep… Win! Which then gives you an excuse to get yourself back in and bouncing!

🔴 Visit Jump Nation’s website for more information. 🔴

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