From MCR to LDN…

First off, I will apologise for the lack of writing… I have been very much involved within the big plans that I am about to take on, and my head has been a little bit in the clouds.

Change is always so daunting for us humans, but I will explain to you as to why change isn’t so bad after all; even if it doesn’t all go to plan.




The day is finally here. This move has been on the cards for quite some time… and if I’m honest, I never would have thought the chance would have actually happened. I always have wanted to do the big move, but doubts for the change grew strong, and when I did not believe it was the right thing to do, I found a reason for why it shouldn’t of gone ahead.


A few opportunities fell onto my lap a couple of months ago, which then made me realise that this WAS the right thing to do, even if it was just for this moment in my life. I needed to grab this opportunity with full force and jump on in.


London has always filled me with excitement. I LOVE being the little busy bee that I am and being in the crazy busy city got me like WOAH. Laziness doesn’t sit well with me (as many would know) which is why I have always craved living the tiring, exciting, quick paced life. Even Manchester has got me doing rounds, which I wouldn’t change for the WORLD.


The big lights, busy streets and fully loaded attitude that the city has, always did appeal to me, even though many of my friends would disagree. There is something about my capital city that has had me hooked since I was a little girl; the rush it gave me when I went to visit was the reason why I have chose to live in cities for most of my adult life; which is completely different to the small town that I grew up in. London stole a little piece of my heart, and I always believed I left it there, until the day would come, that I would finally return…


So HERE WE ARE. I have made the jump. I got myself some work and am willing to pay the price (LITERALLY) in hope that my rewards will have me sticking around for some time. London has some-what of a shelf life, and with two years until my 30th birthday with absolutley no ties to my name, I have decided to take the risk, that this will be MY moment. I want to make something of myself; something for Lipstick & Trainers.

It may not be as I hoped it to be, but I will never know until I experience it. It will be HELLA scary, but I’ll embrace the change… It will be tough, but anything great doesn’t come easy (as I have said before).


I will keep my fingers crossed the whole way through, as I believe London is also about luck… but either way, I will keep this in mind.

The paths that we take within life are here to make us; they are here to break us and mould our beings for the person we shall be for the rest of our beating hearts life.


Regardless of how it all turns out, I recon I will have some of the best times to date, in this beautiful, bad ass city of mine.


I’m coming on in!


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