Looking at the newbie runner

Looking at the woman in front of me, I could feel her nerves. The type of nerves that rumble through to every part of your body. However, the nerves were positive energy, as it looked like there was the feeling of excitement just at her fingertips, taking complete control over the fear that she had created within her self.

This woman will be running her first half marathon with me in a weeks time. She had been told that she couldn’t run a mile let alone thirteen. So she made a bet: to this person and to her self. That she would go through this psychical yet mental challenge in a space of six months. It reminded me very much of myself.

Two years ago, I was in a similar position. I had only given myself six months of training for my first ever half marathon in Newcastle. It was much more mentally straining than I thought… How can I do this? Will I hurt myself? Was this a stupid idea?

Once you have got your head around the whole thing and the day approaches, there is only one thing you can do… And that is to use the fear, and go! If training goes to plan then all should be well.

So watching this lady with her pent up emotions for the big day, I couldn’t help but feel for her and wanting to help her out with advice (not that I am queen of the runners) but I wanted to tell her my story and how I felt on the day of my first ever half marathon… Then I stopped. I wanted her to tell me more about her life. I wanted her to explain the woes and worries that she has had as a newbie runner.

I want to see her finish and have that fulfilling moment, a high that she will find again and again within every future run that she does (because it never really stops at one, does it!) I want to feel proud that she did something that she believed she never could have. Without sounding patronising at all, I genuinley cared about her story.

In the nicest possible way, I am jealous. I won’t get that same exhilaration. First time runners, please appreciate this. Even when your heart feels like dropping out of your ass… Just appreciate this moment. Because you’ll never get that very same feeling again. Your first is never like the rest of them.

Like going back to your very first kiss… You will always get better at the ‘act’ but do you remember the butterflies? When it is a new feeling and it’s something you had never experienced before? It is far more exciting than the rest, as it is never quite that same feeling again.

I have done four halfs now, this will be my fifth and getting a PB (personal best) is my main focus. I still get ‘runners high’ and I love every big run I go to. I guess I still have one more chance to experience a newbie runners high… And that will be if I do a full marathon.(!!!) But it does take me back, looking at that woman with all that anticipation…

You go girl!! 😄

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    June 9, 2015 at 12:35 pm

    I read this post and panicked! I’ve been so slack with my training. The part where you said you had six months to train.. well, I’ve already wasted two months 🙁
    But after reading this it gave me a wake up call, I HAVE TO TRAIN over these next four months. Not for anyone elses sake but for mine!
    So I ran yesterday for the first time in two weeks. And then I got up early and did it again this morning at 6.45am.I have to say, as torturous as it was and as knackered as I felt, the high I got this morning for running the furthest I’ve ran, was amazing. And I’d only done just over TWO MILES. Pfft.
    It wasnt straight after my run that I got this feeling, but rather about 20 minutes later after I was showered and fed and on my way work to work, I suddenly felt giddy and euphoric, I felt like I wanted to burst into song and start talking to people on the tube – at 8am!!
    (dont worry – I didn’t).
    I’m dreading running the 13 miles in October, it’s going to kill me! Even the 10k next month is looking like a task and half! BUT I am looking forward to my ‘First Kiss’ post run feeling 🙂
    Great post hun
    x tink x

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