It is March and a lot has already happened throughout the start of 2015, but it seems to have gone pretty quick! So it is time to make some plans before time runs away with me… Again.

My blogger friend Tink started up #MotivationalMarch a year ago as a way to get herself motivated, but has also asked a few bloggers (including myself) to join in on the fun! I have always enjoyed setting up personal challenges, so I was keen to join in and do this as a group. Surely it would be even more fun to get us all motivated together, right? So here is what I intend to do for the rest of March and hopefully, keep up with for the foreseeable future.

1. Kick the training up a notch.

One of my New Years resolutions was to run at least 5 half marathons throughout the year. I have applied and been accepted for 3 so I believe I am on the right track! However, I have noticed my training slipping here and there. Mostly because I have been a little bit lazy (or shall I say hungover…) and putting it off ‘for another day’ then realising I have done minimal training for the week. It was only the other day when I realised my first half marathon of the year is mid March and i am slightly behind on my training plan. I got upset but then had a stern word with myself. Running does not only keep the weight off, but it keeps me sane so becoming much more regular with training will keep me toned AND happy.

2. Go to more blogging events.

I had missed an event last Sunday as I was in London (and stupidly didn’t check my junk mail) which would have helped with my blogging skills. So this is something I will consciously keep a look out for and do my very best to attend! This will also help me write more, which is the real intention of this aim as I have slacked recently due to other plans. More posts will be floating around soon enough!

3. Drink more water.

A friend of mine had mentioned that she had started drinking lemon water each morning… I also remember my mother doing this back in the day. Apparently it is supposed to kick start your metabolism with other detoxing powers! So I will be jumping on the wagon and trying this out, as well as drinking more water in general as it stops me from nibbling when I don’t need to! This one should be easy… I think.

4. Enjoy singleton. 

When I say this, I don’t mean going out and sleeping with as many people as I can. I mean this as, spending more time with friends and family: going to more events, travelling, making plans etc. Focusing on doing things for myself. Figuring out my life a little. I had been dating since my last breakup, which has been incredibly fun but something I am not really interested in doing at the moment. I am currently not wanting anything more than friendship, so why not use that time with the special people already in my life? I am going to put more effort into my single life and enjoy it without having boys on the brain. It will happen when it happens and all that blah.  So essentially this aim is to have more fun and think about number one!

If you like what you see with our #MotivationalMarch then check out Tink Jayne’s site for her story and join in on the fun!

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    March 3, 2015 at 2:09 pm

    HELL YES! Lets get motivated. So glad your taking part.
    I’m on the drinking water too, especially with lemon. Been doing it every morning.
    Love the Singleton one too (and that cute little pic), great idea to focus on yourself 🙂
    x tink x

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