The Manchester Cancer Research UK Winter Run

 After finishing my last half marathon of the year, I decided I would give myself a little break and enjoy myself. After all, it is the Christmas season. All year I have kept drinking to a minimum, I have eaten all the right foods and trained extremely hard. Pudding? Well of course! 

However, it does not stop here. I have signed up to do the Manchester marathon in April 2016, which means I need to rein in the wayward behaviour; somewhat. (Second helping of cake? May have to be a no…)

It is really difficult to keep on track with training throughout the winter months. Running in the cold, dark evenings, or early mornings, becomes an overwhelming occurrence. Something that not even the avid runner may find an easy task. Which is why I have decided to plan a few more runs before the big day arrives. Deep breath. 

Looking for smaller challenges to delve into was not that easy . Running season is officially over, so the races become far and few between. So when I was made aware of the Cancer Research UK Manchester Winter Series 10k, I signed up relatively quickly. This event is organised by Human Race, a company that has produced the likes of IceMan, MudMan and Dragon Ride. Keeping runners, cyclists and swimmers in check, as they have an arrange of tougher challenges that help keep the public fit throughout the winter. 

The Cancer Research UK Winter Series was only a thing that London could enjoy, however the year of 2016 will be year that Manchester (and Liverpool) get to have a chance too! There will be a winter esque theme throughout the whole of the run, where there are snow blasts, huge polar bears and other cool obstacles to involve yourself in. You can also run through “a snow-zone” which I am guessing will be a winter version of a walk through shower (without the super cold, it is all just for the imagination!)

 This event will help runners, like myself, to stick with their training plans for the big spring marathons later on in the year. Or to help the general public keep fit in the coldest of times. This event sounds like too much fun to miss out on and best of all, you are raising money for such a great cause. 

Cancer Research UK do not receive any funding from the goverment. At all. That very thought alone entices me to get on those trainers. So every pound raised will go towards research in prevention, diagnosis and the treatment of cancer. 

For me, this is a great opportunity to raise monies for a cause that unfortunatley, most of us have or would have to deal with throughout our lives. 

โ€ข “Today, 2 in 4 people survive cancer. Cancer Research UKโ€™s ambition is to accelerate progress so that 3 in 4 people survive cancer within the next 20 years.”


I have always ran for cancer charities after a personal experience back in 2013, so without a doubt this event was on my calendar for Feburary. 

Interested in running the very first Cancer Research UK Manchester Winter run on the 28th of Feburary? Starting at the Etihad Stadium for a scenic 10k route throughout Manchester… It is not to be missed! 

Visit their website here to sign up! Whether you can raise ยฃ10 or ยฃ100, it all still counts. So get on them trainers and come run a 10K with me for Cancer Research UK. Let’s keep fit and run off those mince pies! 

Keep updated on my marathon training via my Instagram & Twitter. Handle – EmaJoyC.


Cancer Research UK 

The Winter Run Series – Sign up here!

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