A little care for my feet – Flexitol.

So I got these babies a few weeks ago in the midst of training for my race days. They came within perfect timing, and believe they were sent from the Gods of healing! Well, I say that… This brand, Flexitol established their rejuvenating skincare product in 1990 in good old sunny Austrailia. Close enough.

Flexitol is available in over fourty countries, including here in the UK and can be seen in the likes of Boots. It is best known for diabetes sufferers as this disorder brings on foot conditions, but it also helps with other ailments. All in all, the company aims to reach out to people who suffer from dry skin, blisters and mild skin disorders.

This product is used by many runners, like myself, so I was excited to try out the two items that I had received through the post. My feet are not the prettiest… As I am constantly training for runs,  I am not short of a few blisters, meaning I develop hard skin and reguarly have sore tootsies.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that my feet will always be tough. However, after using these products, I am somewhat converted.

My favourite out of the two pictured above is the heel balm. I have been using this right after having a shower, mostly when I have been for a long run. It is quick and easy to apply and doesn’t leave a sticky residue over your skin. It dries almost instantly and my heels are much smoother than they have been in months!  It takes only a few days to a week to notice the difference (depending on your skin type) and will continue to use to see how much of a difference I will see.

I only tend to use the moisturising cream when I have a few more moments to spare, so I can take the time to let the product work on all areas intended. I expected the cream to smell medicated, but actually reminded me of going on holiday and applying sun cream. It is only lightly scented and is lovely when massaged into the skin.

I highly recommend these products to anyone who suffers from any sort of foot condition. Whether it is chronic, or you’re an athlete, or even if you just want to give some tender loving care to your dry, aching feet. Thumbs up!


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