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2016 seems to be the year of health.

Many of you are joining the fitness freaks of 2015 on the gain train and eating all the super-foods that became a craze a short while back. We all know this year will be bigger and better for all of us!

Although I am very much ‘with it’ when it comes to eating healthily, as it coincides with my training, I am definitely making it much more of a priority.

I had been going on about the new smoothie makers that I had seen all over Instagram to The Mother. Pictures of beautifully lean men and women with their shakes was enough to get me excited about having my very own machine. I needed to get my smoothie on…

When unwrapping my Nutri Ninja at Christmas, my first thoughts were of all the recipes I could whip up. Not only would I be healthier, this piece of equipment could change my life. (Oh so dramatic, Em.) I could make just about anything in this thing.


My first creation was to be this little treat!

  • One banana
  • Whole Earth Organic Peanut butter
  • Alpro Coconut Original milk
  • Scottish oats

image image

I cut the banana into smaller pieces, used one table spoon of Whole Earth Organic peanut butter and then poured in the Alpro coconut milk. I whizzed up the mix of ingrediants and lastly, added the oats with one final stir up. It literally was as quick as that! No mess. No fuss. I left the concoction to sit for a while in the fridge so the oats would soak, for a much fuller breakfast shake. Delicious!


After my training session, this tasted like heaven. However, my brain was already tweaking the recipe. Instead of using original coconut milk, I could use the same ingrediants but with Alpro’s chocolate flavoured coconut milk. Naughty but nutritious. Or even better… Vanilla soy milk. Drool!

The machine comes with a large and small cup which you actually blend your fruit and veg in, then screw off and place a sip and seal silicone lid on to take away. The Nutri Ninja is so easy to use, especially if you are always on the go (like myself!)


Using this Nutri Ninja has opened my eyes to the world of smoothies and shakes. So keep an eye out on my Instagram page for more recipes that I may find along the way, or even create myself.

You can buy this product in most large supermarkets. However I have included the link to their website for an even quicker purchase. Win.

Nutri Ninja

Want to check out the products I used? Again, these can be bought from large supermarkets and some local stores.

Whole Earth Food

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