Evaluating Your Marathon; Looking back at VLM.


It has been two whole weeks since the The London Marathon which is such a CRAZY feeling.

Looking back to the preparation that I had put into one of the biggest marathons that I’ll ever run in my life, puts it all in to perspective.



It is incredible to how much effort you put into one single event; a hobby that becomes your lifestyle, one that takes over your day to day life.

There are a mixture of feelings post marathon/event… Similar to a birthday, for example. Excitement is in the air because all your plans are coming together, for it to all be over just as quickly as it started. Everyone comes together, which means it can be an anti climax when it’s done and dusted.


However, the feeling of pride with medal in hand will be one to remember. You’re exhausted, but damn proud of the effort it took for your body to achieve such great things.




There will also be a tinge of sadness, as the project that had once taken over your life has now come to an end… Well for now at least! There will always be another challenge to endure within, if you’re feeling those post marathon blues.

The emotional roller coaster within will take over and the journey may have come to a halt temporary, however, this can only mean that bigger and better things can happen from now on. The only way is up!


Just stop and take a look back to the journey that got you here… Remember the beginner you once were? Remember back to when you were unable to even do that mile long run? Do you remember being so unbelievably tired, but you still continued to push through anyway? Do you remember being immensely frightened to do your first long run because you didn’t know what to expect?


How the times change.




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Although I have now done a total of five marathons, I am still learning. I am still in complete awe of what my training body is capable of, and I will never forget the steps in took to get me to where I am at today. Seeing progression only fuels my fire.


Looking back to the start, as someone who is now relatively experienced in distance running, makes all the hard work worth the while. Newbie runners constantly ask me about my training and how it got me to where I’m at today. All I can say is, that it’ll take time, and that you’ll only get out what you put in.


Never doubt your ability; I hear so many runners dumb themselves down because of the achievement of others, when everyone is different.



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We were all once beginners; I was once a little slower, I was once new to the feeling of 26.2 miles under my feet. So I do understand those newbie feelings, but a thousand miles begins with a single step. Never feel the need to excuse your efforts when you tried so damn hard for your running event. Each persons progression will be different to the next.


Dream big, aim high and give it what you got, because one day you’ll look back on your own journey and realise how far YOU have come and this is your story. What you have done alone is huge in itself, you little superstar, you.



London marathon also showed me something else. As the weather gave us no choice but to rethink over our plans, we slowed our pace right down and took it back to the basics, step by step.

We all got to genuinely enjoy the race for what it is; an event for all. I saw a collective spirit from all that participated; from those who have ran marathons multiple times a year, to those who were running that distance for the first time, ever. We danced, we sang, we laughed, we cried; forgetting all about our potential finishing times FOR ONCE… Which meant we could take in the amazing sights around us.


The support was UNREAL, seeing friends, family and strangers cheering us on with their whole heart gave me goosebumps. Sweets, water and fruit was given at every corner, and as the sun rose higher and higher, I did not doubt that I was doing the right thing by slowing down and taking in that extra fuel and hydration.



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All of this does happen at other races too, however, there was something very different about it this time around. London delivered like no other, and because I had wanted to do this marathon for so long, I got everything that I had wanted and more. I am glad that I got to savour every, single moment.


I hope that now the spring marathon season is coming to a close, you can take a look at your recent event and evaluate. Fuel yourself correctly, rest up and get ready for your next big adventure. The fun doesn’t stop here! Plus, there are many autumn marathons to have a look at in the mean time…



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