10 habits of a busy-lifestyle runner 

Me? I love running. So much that I have signed up to five half marathons for the year, in prep for a full. (Eek!)

Crazy. I know. We all are here in the running world but sometimes I wonder how I even fit in all of that training. Work, family, friends and then there’s all the life crap you have to fit in (need to get my eyes tested ASAP…) Suddenly, all that has to work around your running. Silly statement I know, but it was only the other week a good friend of mine visited from down south and I refused to go out for drinks in fear of being persuaded to have a glass of wine (or three…) because, let’s face it… It’s not hard to persuade me! I was running a half marathon that very Sunday to be fair, but when does a hobby become a lifestyle?

I’ve put together top ten habits that people with busy lives will probably have or do when running becomes apart of your life.


  • Carrying sudocrem in your handbag.

When you have gone out for a long run in the morning… Forgetting about the dreaded chafe. Then having to go to work like a crippling mess, with no sympathy of course. However, I have learnt my lesson. I love you sudocrem!!

  • Carrying energy bars/nuts/snacks around with you.

Again, putting running before any sort of activity (including meal times. Naughhttyyy!) but knowing I will be eating as soon as I get somewhere, I keep a handy protein bar or some nuts (or my new fav – WASABI PEAS!) in the handbag so I’m never short of a healthy snack before meal time.

  • Buying new running gear every couple of months.

I am FOREVER washing my clothes, so what is the logic thing to do? Buy new running clothes of course! Or buying time I say. That beautiful, sparkly blue running top is totally what I needed, even though technically this adds to the washing pile… But I do NEED it.

  • Becoming a pro at putting make-up on without a mirror.

No matter how much time I have, I always seem to be rushing out the door for work. “Shower. CHECK. Clothes. CHECK. Handbag. CHECK! Wait… My face is as bare as a new born.” This is where the skills lie. Can we put mascara on without looking like a badger?! Well, I definitely have mastered it. I think.

  • Having a selected amount of food in the house.

I always eat at work or out and about so actual food is limited within the flat. At this moment in time, there is – a bag of wholemeal pasta, almond milk, spinach, hummus, avocados and a sh*t load of energy drinks. Runners dream!

  • Vaseline is your new best friend.

Come on. You can use this stuff for EVERYTHING!!

  • Making sure you time your sleep/workout the night before.

If you are racking up the miles, sleep is very important. Sounds like common sense but when you’re so busy with work etc it doesn’t come to mind that you only get 5 hours sleep at a time then running 5 miles the next day. Making sure you have both is key.

  • Your diary is mainly full of dates for runs.

I try to use my diary for other life events, but apart from the odd wedding or birthday (and blogging events of course), it is mainly of weekends away to that place you haven’t been to yet because “Oh I’ll be running that weekend.” So much for time off. 😆

  • Having energy sachets EVERYWHERE.

I rarely use these, but the amount I have is unreal. Getting them for free from every running event that I go to keeps them flowing in like cash. Guess I will have to try them out some more, eh?

  • Having a love/hate relationship with running.

No matter how much you curse at the fact you have to drag yourself out of bed an hour earlier so you fit in at least 3 miles in before work… You do love running and how it makes you feel. Why else would you skip an evening at the pub so you can go for a ten miler in the morning?! Pure madness.

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    June 24, 2015 at 6:36 pm

    You nailed it. I learned the hard way that chafe cream isn’t just for during runs when I had a graduation to attend hours after I ran a half. Ugh. Great post!!

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