Manchester 10K Day

So today is a grand day. The weather is bright, although the clouds keep making an appearance. I am running Manchesters shortest yet biggest run… The 10k. Everyone is doing it nowadays. People with all types of experience within running. As the Middle man, I am much more excited than nervous… Not to brag but 6 miles is the average mileage of a training run for me, so today is all about grabbing that easily done PB. Which I guess is even more scary, as I will only be letting myself down. Runners will understand this phrase. Of course I will not be wallowing in misery if it is not done but more of a – “Darn it! I worked so hard and could of done this on any other day!”

So I will still be following all the procedures of a half marathon and resort back to my vanity case of race day! I have decided to share this with you lot in hope of inspiration for the newbies! I believe that you also have to be mentally ready to run a distance as well as being physically fit, so I have put a few regulations on pre-run preparation. Here is what I take with me on every run I do. Maybe you have the same choices? ย  Nivea Stress Protect anti perspirant. ย 

The mother bought me this for my first Half marathon (Great North run) back in 2013. I had become incredibly nervous and she thought this was a great present for the day! I agree, and have wore it only for every big run I do.

Sun, swim & gym.

This is just something I picked up from somewhere, it is just great for hydrating hair post run. I normally stick about for a beer after many of my runs so I try to be prepared to look half decent after. ‘Try.’

Rescue remedy.

Again, going back to my pre-race anxiety. I get mixed emotions on the day and it can be slightly unbearable. I try not to use it as its a calmer and I want to get pumped up. But it’s there as a safety net. As dad says, use that fear… And go!

Mini Scissors.

You never know when you’ll need to chop off some tags, some loose cotton, an annoying label… Etc etc!

Sweat band.

I don’t normally use these, but it’s there if I want it! Jelly beans. I got told these were the best source of instant sugar highs for runners, so I carry an emergency bag for the day. Just in case, Ya know. Mmm sweeties!

Safety pins.

Every runner should have these! Just had a call or two asking weather I had any spares. Good job I bought a full tin! Keep prepared guys. Some runs provide them, most don’t. However, I am happy to help!

Nivea lip balm.

To keep those lips soft and kissable of course.

Hair bobbles.

I don’t have hair long enough to tie it up, but if it happened to be, I’d be prepared.


I used to get real bad heartburn back in the day if i were nervous, so I have these on hand for any sort of attack.


Sometimes I travel to run a half marathon, and a toothbrush is something I ALWAYS forget. So I make sure a spare is on hand.

Chiropodist Felt.

Never used these. Just saw them in Superdrug one day and thought that I may need these one day. Maybe.

Muscle rub.

For those ever aching muscles.

Large plasters.

On hand for the horrendous blisters that I always seem to collect after a big run.


A runners best friends. To stop the incredibly painful chafe. I have a big tub at home but take a small tub around with me in case it’s super hot. I can not explain how important this item is! So here we are, just about to walk out the doors and run a 6 mile run for fun. Wish me luck guys for that PB I hope to announce to you all later!


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    May 10, 2015 at 10:10 am

    Good Luck Emma!!!
    Love Reading Your Blogs Keep Em Coming!! Xx

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