Top 5 fears for runners in the winter.

Firstly I want to apologise about not posting. I’ve been pretty busy, sorting out a few things and generally letting time run away with me. However, this is not a good enough excuse. Sorry!


So the summer is pretty much over, not like it had ever really begun for those who live in the UK. However, it has been great for runners alike as the bright skies and cool breeze is just perfect for those ‘summer’ miles.

So now the winter is waiting upon our doorstep (as I can imagine autumn will pass just as quickly!) here are the top fears of being a runner in the coldest of months.

  • Wearing the right attire.

Some guys still rock the shorts, but I’m a bit of a baby. Stepping out the front door in the winter is hard enough; let alone throwing yourself into the icy cold airs for a length of time in next to nothing, awful. Suddenly thinking about hats, gloves, hoodies and compression socks is the absolute norm.

  • The darkness.

Wether it is early morning or the late afternoon, it always seems to be dark. What the EFF? Bring on the gloom. Wah!

  • Eating way too much food.

Let’s be honest, when it’s cold and dark you tend to comfort eat more. Which isn’t good for anyone as well as us runners. Suddenly staying in and eating an extra portion of that hot pasta becomes more appealing. Which brings us to…

  • Missing out on runs.

Hardcore runners probably don’t have this problem so much, but others seem to slip away from their routine when winter sets in. You need another can of “Hello, motivation!” To get you out that door.

  • The end of summer races.

All the way through summer, there are plenty of races to attend. In fact, dates override each other and runs you wanted to do fall of the same date as another. Everyone is on a high and going fitness mad, so the spots for big races fill up quickly.

It is like a little holiday for yourself, taking yourself to different parts of the UK (or even abroad) to run 10k, halfs and fulls. Then we get to September and even though there are still plenty to do, not as many sign up to these and the events become fewer to chose from. Running season is officially over!
What other fears do runners out there have when winter hits us?


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