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Lipstick & Trainers: I am a level three REPS qualified personal trainer and have selected CPDS in class exercise. I am a certified England Athletics LIRF  (Leadership In Running Fitness) coach and am looking to take on online clients.


I want to give my clients a realistic routine that will not only be beneficial for you physically, but mentally too. Exercise and running can be about performance, but it can also be for your health and wellbeing.



As runner who is passionate about mental health and is highly motivated by goal-setting, I want to show you that moving your body could not only improve your athleticism but it can also improve your state of mind.


Training for an event can also bring worry to the runner and newbies may need a little guidance within their running journey. I will be there to help you with everything that comes with training for a short or long distance event.


Creating a training plan for the beginner runner is not the only thing that I want to do. I want to join them on their journey. I will help motivate, inform and advise on their lead up to race day and will try to answer all of their queries/worries that they may have.


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Running Therapy: Lipstick & Trainers.




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