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The Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards 2016.


As some of you may know, as many voted for me, (which I need to MASSIVELY need to thank you all for) I have been shortlisted for the Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards ceremony in London, Kensington Palace. It was a huge surprise for me when I found out, as Lipstick & Trainers is still only short of two years old. So I decided to throw out some appreciation.


I remember being sent a link from my beautiful sister about the Cosmopolitan awards in 2015. Back then, my blog was only just a baba and I felt it was not ‘big enough’ for the influencer awards at this time. I was still figuring it all out and vowed to myself to enter another time; “Maybe next year” I said.

In the short year since, I have learnt a lot from other bloggers, great brands and from writing for myself. Lipstick & Trainers has grown wildly in a short space of time, and still continues to grow tremendously, but that is mostly because of all YOU guys. Without my wonderful followers and readers, this all would not be happening today.

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I do write for myself, I mean, that’s how I had started out. Throwing down my emotions for the world to see! Blogging is some sort of outlet for anyone, however, I also write so others can relate. I am just like anyone else wandering this world, confused and amused by all that I pass. When I am writing up a post, (after writing up a ton of ‘gobbledy gook’) I tend to have strong thoughts for how people will read it. What would you gain from reading my pieces? Most are for the giggles or the general advice of fitness from a newbie marathon runner, but I also want you all to see the real Emma Joy. I will not be frightened on telling you how it is. We are all human, we all have emotions and queries, so why hide it?


I want you all to see that I had started out with none of this; no blog, no fitness motivation… I only became interested in this world a couple of years ago, this project that became a lifestyle. I have progressed with time because I have chose to work hard for what I am passionate about. It was one hell of a journey, and I have bared warts and all on Lipstick and Trainers, because if you really want to begin a life of fitness, it is achievable for all.


Do not ever doubt yourself, do not ever think less of yourself. We all have to start somewhere and if you really want something… It can be obtainable with determination.


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I want to say a big thanks especially to my friends and family, as without their support, it would not have been this ‘easy’ (and by easy, it hasn’t been all that easy, but you get where I am going with this, yeah?) and a HUGE thank you to the rest of you. Without having you follow my blog, Lipstick and Trainers wouldn’t be the blog it is today. You have all made it worth the while. Love you all millions!


Soooo, over with all the seriousness.


Today is the day.

I will be attending the finals for Cosmopolitan Health and Wellbeing Influencer of 2016, and that is some crazy sh*t. I have done some preparation in looking the part for this event and want to shout out to the peeps that made me look oh so beautiful. 🙂


Toni & Guy Academy.

IMG_4996This guy has given me many a hair cut and many a style change. I trust this guy like nothing other, so what ever idea he has for the locks on my head, I am all for it. He is a great person who cares passionately for his job, and you can tell massively in his work. So a special thanks to Scott, as my hair wouldn’t look this great if it wasn’t for you and your scissors! Visit the Toni&Guy website here.



The Coffee Scrub Co.

FullSizeRender-3 copy 6I met this lovely lady at a local event in Manchester this September and we have been firm friends ever since. She told me all about her little company, of how her body scrub is an all natural product (even made with 100% vegan friendly ingredients!) which is suitable for all skin types. I own the peppermint version, which is great for cleansing pores. I used it profusely after my marathon a couple of weeks ago, to freshen up my skin after weeks of training, and it smells absolutely DELICIOUS. I am not much of a girlie girl (although it may seem) but this product is super easy to use, which is why I use it at least once a week in the shower. It softens my skin before a tan too, so if you’re interested in a scrub, check it out here!

FullSizeRender-3 copy 7Recently, I have been shopping online a lot. With my busy work schedule and training, there is not much time to go to town and trawl the shops. BOOHOO is my go to online store, as it is cheap and cheerful with a grand variety of clothing. When looking across the board for something to wear, I was a little last minute (with my indecisive mind) so I messed up on the delivery details, (whoopsies) which meant I would only be receiving my dress the day before the event (eeekkkk!) I messaged BOOHOO and mentioned my worry. My dress eventually turned up the day before it had planned to, which helped me out somewhat as it arrived in enough time to grab some accessories. Thank you!



Keep an eye out for my Instagram and Twitter as I will be forever updating you all on my trip to London for the awards. Fingers crossed for me, my lovelies!


Interested in any of the information above? Check my social media platforms for links!




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