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The Hunt For Protein – Multipower


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When anyone gets stuck into exercising you tend to also follow a ‘healthy eating’ plan to maximise your training. You are burning a lot of calories, so you are entitled to most things. However, if you want the body to be at its best, fuelling yourself with nutritious foods is the answer. There is no point eating a ton of crap just because you will ‘burn it all off’. Your body works just like a car; you fill it with the right petrol and it will keep on running. (no pun intended)


It was 2015. I had been training for my first marathon for a while and I had stopped seeing results within my body. I ate well, but realised there were a few things missing from my diet. For one, I was not eating enough (good) carbs to keep me going the distance, but I also was not taking in enough protein. As a woman (with little information) I had been scared of taking too much protein in case I got ‘big‘. I did not understand, at the time, that protein would help my body to recover, as well as to sculpt.

A man from my running club had first suggested I take supplements when I was recovering from my first long distance run. I listened to his advice, and have not looked back since.


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Protein will help muscle development and lean definition of the body, so taking on extra proteins will help if you are constantly breaking down the muscle tissue in training. In the long run, (hehe) it will help your body to maintain power and to gain strength.

For someone who is on the go, I resorted to eating protein bars after long runs. It was quick and easy to just pop one in my bag as I was on the way to work. The only issue, was finding which brand worked best. I have tried many bars within my time, but felt that I had wanted the ones that tasted good. Something as a post workout snack treat. A “well done” to myself.


As I have a massive sweet tooth, I tend to steer towards protein bars that are somewhat of a ‘dessert’. The naughty snack, that is not so naughty. Something that will give my body what it needs, but then will sustain the hankering for a chocolate treat post workout. You know the one’s I’m talking about!


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Being on the constant lookout for exciting new protein nibbles, I recieved Multipower in four different flavours. Which a choice of coconut, (ultimate fav) chocolate, berry & yoghurt and cookies & cream, Multipower have got it right. Not only does the bar taste great, it is low in sugar, and is aspartame free. A chemical I do try to steer clear of, which features in the likes of diet soda’s and sweetener’s.


Multi power started off with a 50% protein packed bar which now has progressed into a 53% protein bar. Increasing the protein content as well as improving the recipe, Multipower are fulfilling most of our needs. It releases the 27g of proteins slowly into the body for maximum effect, which promotes muscle recovery, and for those that are conscious, they are only 200 calories a bar.


These bars would not be something I would normally go for, as the packaging seemed to be aimed at a male audience, but having tried all four of the flavours (cookie’s & cream like OMG drool) I would not be scared of buying these blue packaged, protein packed beauties again.


I have seen Multipower in petrol stations, but it is best to bulk buy online via their website which I will repost below.


For a tasty protein snack that can be taken before, during or after workout. However, I prefer the latter of the three, Multipower is worth the try when in need of a strong protein kick! It is definitely one I would go back to, although as an athlete, the search for tasty protein supplements still continues… 🙂



Interested to know more about this product? Click here now! Let me know what YOU think.


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