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Lockdown Personality


How are you all feeling? Life is very different now, compared to what it was like just a few months ago. Government guidelines have stated that we stay indoors unless absolutely necessary. However, we are starting to lift some of those regulations, especially for those that are working.


Anyways, you know the score! This post is to spread a little light-hearted humour about lockdown and how it has changed us; for better or for worse. I have collated a few ‘lockdown personalities’ below, so share this post with your friends and family to see which one is the most popular! Let me know which lockdown personality YOU are in the comments below.






Fitness Fanatic

Lockdown has given us plenty more time to… WORKOUT! The Fitness Fanatic might have been sporty prior to lockdown, but with more time to kill, their day is full of zoom classes and movement. They have probably started up the couch to 5KM or introduced yoga to their daily practice and this has got them fit as a fiddle. They will LIVE in their sweatpants, in and out of their workout regime. Comfy and cool. The postman will be visiting regularly with plenty of new items bought from amazon. Think new weights, athleisure and books for training knowledge. This fanatic will come out of lockdown ripped!




bevvy babe



Bevvy Babe

The Bevvy Babe was the party animal back before lockdown. She now is the lockdown lush with a fridge full wine. You will find her being a poplar attendee of zoom parties and pub quizzes, being the life and soul of the party. She like’s shots as a forfeit and still dances her little heart out in her living room whilst the disco ball shines brightly in the corner. Sunday is for chill and a glass (or three) of red with her Sunday roast. Gin and vodka is saved for the night cap whilst watching a film.






Positive Princess

She always has a bunch of beautiful flowers sitting on her dining table, matching her big and bright personality! She shares positives affirmations with all her friends and tells them to keep on smiling. The Positive Princess see’s the best in everything and will happily try to lift your spirits in a time of need. You will see her on the phone to many friends chatting about memories and plans for the future. Even in the situation that we are in, she will be smiling and writing in her journal. A key addition to any friendship group, as the rest may all laugh at her quotes, she keeps the energy alive!





News-time Nanny

The news is always on, updating them on plenty of news, the good, the bad and the ugly. The news-time nanny gets the tele on first thing in the morning to catch up on what happened over the night. She keeps tabs of what each country is doing and where we are all at with our government guidelines. She most likely will be stuck into the politics of corona and wants to be as informed as possible. Just so that she can share the newest knowledge with her peers. The television is on for most of the day, just incase a huge update gets thrown out to the public and it is the last thing that is on at night. Much may not have changed, but they know the numbers. Magazines and newspapers lay around and they tend to be throwing out conspiracy theories and stories. The local shopkeeper avoids her at all cost.






Skill-set Savvy

Ever wanted to learn how to knit but never had the time? Needed to catch up on that book that has been living on the shelf for months? Maybe painting is more your thing? The Skill-set Savvy is already practicing a second language, has baked a tray of muffins and has sold items on Amazon. She loves picking up those new skills and thrives off new knowledge. Expect a new business set up from this one and of course, plenty of success!







Netflix Nut

This one lives in her loungewear and comfy bed socks. Surrounded by popcorn, crisps and cups of tea. The Netflix Nut has seen all of the boxsets that she got at Christmas. She also knows what happens in all of the series on Netflix. If you need any suggestions on what to watch, this Nut will know what is best for you. Whatever the genre, it will have been watched (and scored) deep into the night. They may seem to struggle in finding something new to get their teeth into, but there will ALWAYS be a film of interest. Whilst trialling out all the snacks on the shelf. Anyone for a cheese board?






Front-Line Figure

While most of us are staying at home, we have the key workers still out there doing their job. These heroes continue their days as normal, except, this ‘normal’ is far from the normal we once knew. They will have a different routine of life and probably are busier than ever. These guys are doing great things and this will be remembered in years to come. The Front Line Figure really needs the support that they also give out! Thursday nights are for these legends, so make sure you’re out clapping at 8pm.




So which one are you? Give this post a share if you see anyone you know within these personalities!





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