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New Years Eve is the party of the year. Thoughts for your outfit last a little bit longer than what they would do for a Saturday night out… So what will you be wearing? 

I don’t know about you, but planning an outfit to a party fills me with excitement. Even when I work the evening of NYE I will wear something that will keep my spirits up high. Will you stand out from the crowd with sparkles or will you be slipping on that perfect LBD? Here are a few outfits that have bought over the holidays, all for different purposes. So if you are stuck on a few ideas, here are a few NYE party outfit inspirations.


The Fun & Quirky.

 This has been my favourite party outfit over Christmas. Purple is my go to colour, as you can see by the hair! This picture does not do it any justice at all. The crushed velvet look gives it that extra sommat sommat, and velvet is so in right now. An acquired taste maybe, but it was love at first sight for me. It is cute, girly and playful. Win.

Dress – Boohoo

The Smart, Black & Lacy.  

 This is also a velvet fav. Classy in black but with the added lace trim to give it that edge. This outfit is great for a work event, or family get together etc as its beautifully modern, yet simple. The sleeves are intricately woven to trail down the arms in an arty fashion, with gives this outfit the extra oooffff you may have been looking for.  

Dress – Boohoo

The Hot Little Number.  

This picture was shown without tights just so you could see the length, but girl says it is probably best to wear tights with this one! The playsuit shows that black isn’t everything and that charcoal is also a great colour for winter. This is something I wore on a date with The boy back when it wasn’t so cold, although I still stick to wearing tights with this number as it is very short! I would also wear this out with the girls on a Saturday night. Very sexy. Very revealing. Only for the daring! 

Playsuit – TOPSHOP

For That Special Occasion.

 I wore this to a fashion event about a month ago. It is an outfit I haven’t dared wear before, as it is a show stopper. I liked that it was a little different from most of the other outfits I had chosen from in the past. As a full body playsuit, this is great for the tall, for the sleek and for the fashion follower. This piece is a real head turner. All in black, with that subtle amount of lace for cheek. Great for a big event or the high street fashionista.


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