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Two Books For Training: Plan for Chicago

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Back in April, I had a minor operation on my knee that meant I had to take a couple of weeks out of training. It wasn’t something that I couldn’t come back from easily, it just would of disturbed the healing process to continue; and I wanted to heal as fast as possible for my next round of training!


During that time, I planned to read a few books to kick start the fire inside of me, so that I would be ready to come back with a vengeance. If I couldn’t do a lot of movement physically, then I had to exercise my mind in preparation for when I got back on my feet.


I planned to prepare myself mentally; to gain that hunger for training and to broaden my knowledge for when my next plan of action would begin. This time around, I would not be running a marathon for fun (like the wine marathon back in March) but to aim for a personal best. Eeekkkk!!!


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I have trained hard in the past for a better time, but I had never been specific. I was relatively care-free in my attitude towards training and thats the way I liked it. Yes, I put in the miles and I followed some guidelines, but in fear of disliking the regimented programme, I had decided to go it my own way. Which worked out well for the most part and I am sure it works for some of you too!


Game Plan


Now, it was time to get serious! I had wanted to be a little more precise with what I was doing to aim for a particular time in mind. I had to form a programme that worked for me, but that was fit for my goal. Over time, I had done a lot of research to get the plan up and running (pardon the pun!) and most of my inspirations came from these books and podcasts. (post to come soon!)


I wanted to share these two books in hope that you may be able to get something from it too. I created my own plan from various sources, but the core information were inspired by the people that know best. These writers are incredibly talented!


Funnily enough, I really enjoy having a routine and it has helped to keep me on track. Let me know your thoughts on training plans and how you go about training for race day; whether it be for a PB or just to experience the challenge itself!



Daniels Running Formula

Daniel’s Running Formula

RRP: $21.95 (I was given this book as a gift for my birthday).

Buy online at Amazon.


This book took me a while to get into because it was fairly intricate and thought processing. I couldn’t just start getting into a chapter on the tube, for me to then leave it in a moments notice (although I most definitely tried multiple times!)


This book holds plenty of information. I had to sit down and go through everything meticulously so I could grasp it properly as a student. There were a few things that I knew already from creating plans myself, but this was very attentive to details; which is exactly what you need if you are goal-specific. I learnt a lot from reading this book and I will keep referring to it when I need it in the near future.


Known as ‘the best training book for runners’ (Runners World magazine) written by Jack Daniels, a running coach to the olympic athletes. To say he knows quite a lot, is an understatement!


If you are wanting to get down to the nitty-gritty and learn about the science behind running then this is the book for YOU. Fantastic read overall and it has enlightened me to so much. 10/10 in my eyes.



Natural Painkillers

Natural Painkillers

RRP: £12.99 (this book was #gifted to me for review).

Buy online here.


This book was rather refreshing to read. As someone who has always avoided taking meds for the sake of it; this was a very helpful guide to a natural life in curing pain.


Pain is not something I usually deal with, but I was interested in reading about relieving muscle soreness and relaxation tips in a natural way. The book clearly states at the beginning that you should always find the route of the pain before medicating (or masking) the issue prior to practicing the remedies and exercises. The book also explains how pain is transmitted and the science behind it.


I started to have a couple of niggles when I first started running again and I used some of these tips to help sooth those ailments. However, as it stated, I had to find the route of the problem. Once I learnt more about my body, I then found what it was that caused these ‘niggles’. Since then, I have had little to no issues in those areas.


The issue turned out to be minuscule and could be taken care of with a little self care. To think that many would mask these issues and then create an even bigger problem is scary in itself!


Anything from coughs and colds to digestive issues; this book holds some natural remedies for all common household ailments. My favourite chapter was ‘Deep breathing & relaxation’ as it can potentially relieve mild anxiety or stress symptoms*.


It also mentions breathing techniques for those wanting a better pain resistance; which is what we all need as long distance runners!


*If you suffer with certain mental health issues, then it may be best to seek professional advice.


hot pod yoga



I have continued my search for more interesting books that will help me with my training. I will continue to share with you what I find along the way!

Let me know if you purchase any of the above and if it has helped you run towards that goal!


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