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Blue Monday: How To Stay Motivated In January.



Ahhhh January! That month where we try to grasp our routine post-Christmas and New Years holiday… A time to start afresh and make some changes to better our being; whether it be for work, for fitness or for health. The new years resolutions kick in and we start doing something a little more exciting!


However, this is also the month where money is low; we miss plans and events due to being SKINTED! ‘Blue Monday’ – the most depressing day of the year is rolling up and were aware of the stresses that come with the month of January.


I can understand the feels; this month has been nothing but hectic with many changes, not to mention the ‘no money’ part. It has been a busy and stressful time, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing… Life is short and we need to embrace all these moments; the good, the bad and the ugly!


So moving Mr serious-Mc-serious over to one side, I have decided to make things happen. Planning ahead and having goals really does motivate me and it seems to help motivate most of you too!


At Orange Theory Fitness (Islington)



These are my tips and tricks on how I ‘keep my sh*t together’ and how I personally keep up with my training plans when things get a little bit tough…


  • Keep track of your days.

When things get a little overwhelming, I find that it is best to write everything down. That includes my main training sessions, my days off to rest and the days that I am free for admin. Having a diary has been a blessing for me and I am a BIG list writer. Lists for travel, lists for events, to-do lists… I do it ALL! When you can see what is coming up/what needs to be done, life is a little bit easier.


  • Look for events around you.

When January comes along, I tend to be a little ‘lazier’ than in my months of training. This can be a good thing for so long, but it also means that it can take me a while to get back into routine. To start off my hunger for training again, I see what fitness events are on in the area. EventBrite is the place I have been scouring recently, with MANY a free fitness event to attend to. I book myself in for classes that help motivate me to move more. Check out whats coming up this week yourself!


  • Ring up your mate.

If I know I will avoid a training session, I message a friend to see what they’re up to. I luckily have a few friends that like to train themselves, which means that there are no excuses! Getting someone to join you for a long run/walk or HIIT class means that there is a responsibility to show up. Fitting in a work out whilst catching up with a friend; whats not to love? Create those feel-good endorphins together!


  • Set a goal.

I have always been motivated by goals, so having something new to train for makes me get my butt off the couch! I sub-consciously know that I haven’t got anything to aim for and if it’s not pencilled in the diary, it ain’t happening! Once money has been put down on a race/event, I wouldn’t want to let myself down and waste the money I don’t really have in January! Routine then starts again…


Me & my pal Rosie at a 7am track session with MYCREW app.



Keep on moving guys, no matter how little or often… Things can only get better in February!